May 7, 2013

For Heather

I changed my header to something less stoner looking. That's Sleeping Bear Dunes, btw.

I'll blog about the 2013 NESCBW conference soon. I just have to stop rotating first.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, man. It's good to be here, even if I feel like a much different person than I did ten days ago.

  2. YAY! That's an awesome picture! I love it. Thanks for coming and giving of your time. It was such a great weekend, and such a wonderful thing that we are as good friends IRL as we are online. (I mean, I wasn't REALLY worried--but you my whole package--strengths and weaknesses....)

    Thanks for being you. And for sharing yourself with a conference full of people.

  3. And me. Hanging out with lonely-ol me. Great to meet you!