Mar 2, 2012

Gay Parents in YA

I am very excited to tell you that Kris Asselin and I are taking our ongoing research of gay parents in children's lit to a whole new level! Instead of writing my version of our recruiting post, I am going to paste Kris's below because I like it so much.

In August 2011, Jonathon Arnston and I (Kris) were debating the lack of gay families represented in Kid Lit. 

We did some research, read some books, and sponsored a series on our blogs. (Click on my link at the top of my banner for the series from last summer).

This year, we’re doing it again. Bigger, Better, and More Organized. We’d also like to focus it exclusively on YA. And we’d love to include our favorite bloggers and writers.


Can you commit to reading at least one YA book featuring (in some fashion) a gay parent or guardian? We’d love the book to have been published in the last five years.

Can you commit to a post (or two or three) in May 2012?

If you want to participate, leave your name and contact information below and one of us will get back to you with details.

If you already committed at Kris's blog, there is no need to do so here too. For those who are curious, check out Kris's consolidated post from the last series.


  1. Maybe you've already read this one, but even though there are no gay parents, there are gay neighbors in Mike Mullin's Ashfall. Technically, they are the informal guardians for the mc while he is home alone when the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupts! Crazy!

    Good luck with the blog series! I don't know of any other books with gay parents, so I'll be paying close attention to your series when it comes!

    1. I appreciate all suggestions, Tere! I like the premise of this book, and want to read it even if it's not for the series. Thanks!

  2. Great idea to get more people involved! If you send me a list of possible reads, maybe I can do a post?

    1. I can do that, Kelly. I'll see what the rest of our contributors are heading toward and give you a few suggestions.