Feb 27, 2012

Did You Know?

Did you know I have almost scrapped Jon's Life many times? As in, I felt my blog presence was pointless and needed to be euthanized. Clearly, that didn't happen, and I have not entertained thoughts like those in many months.

Did you know I have gained three new followers (and lost one) since October of last year? So, in five months, I have gained two followers. (Hello to my two new followers!)

Did you know I used to find numbers like that important? If I cared, I would have attempted several followers drives ploys by now. But, I've become more and more content with what my blog is today.

Did you know I'll be speaking at a conference hosted by my college in April? It's called Food for Thought and is focused on how eating well will cause you to live well.

Did you know I am writing an almost novel as an honors project for my Children's Lit and Creative Writing classes? The professors have allowed the project to count as honors credit in both classes.

Did you know that just three short months ago I was holding on for dear life as I tried to not hit rock bottom? And today, I am somewhere between the bottom and the clouds. I believe they call that 'grounded'.

What my dogs' daily walk looks like:


  1. Jon, I am proud of you! We all have those times in our lives when we have to reconfigure who we are, why we are here, and how our presence effects the people around us, this planet we live on.

    Just so you know, you will make it. Stay grounded in whichever way you must.

  2. There are so many did you knows here that i answered "no" to that I felt very uninformed. I'm glad I corrected that by reading the blog :)

  3. Awesome that you get to write a novel for class. As long as you're comfortable with where your blog is at, that's all that matters.

  4. Sorry to hear times have been rough, but glad to hear you're recovering. We've wondered a few times if anyone would miss us if we up and deleted the whole blog, but decided that wasn't the point. Good luck and hang in there!

  5. Jon, I think that is wonderful that you are able to combine your love of writing with your classes. I'm sorry you were near the bottom, and I am very happy you are on the upswing. And I'm so glad you did not delete this blog!
    Your dogs are adorable!

  6. I am so excited about your public speaking endeavor--I think that will be an awesome way to see yourself in a new light.

    I think everything is cyclical, and that we shed skin as we grow. We get to be new all the time, while keeping what we love about ourselves, and letting go of the parts of ourselves which hold us back. Feeling down might be the pains of growth and letting go. Or it just might be feeling down. Which is okay.


  7. Walking your dogs. Nice touch.

    From what I've read of your writing, one of these days you're going to hit in a major way. Whatever you do, never give up on that.

  8. Oh Jon, I loved this!! Looking up at you in the "almost" clouds!!!

  9. I am totally in love with your dogs!