Feb 16, 2012

Blog Chain: I Love You, Billycan

This blog chain was started by Amparo.

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, I think it's only appropriate to pay homage to those we love. But instead of our better halves, family members, and friends, this blog chain will be all about loving the haters:write a love letter to your favorite literary villain/villain-ish character. It can be short, long, serious, funny. You can use song lyrics or poems instead. Choice is totally yours.

My favorite all-time villain is...

Billycan, from Hilary Wagner's Nightshade Chronicles!

Dear Billycan,

I'm sorry for the fact that you were brutally raised in a lab filled with bizarre chemicals. 

You're blood spattered white fur and glowing red eyes are so cute and cuddly. I want to pick you up and kiss you on the top of your head. Of course, that might not work out too well, since you have a thing for tearing out the eyes of your enemies. Not that you and I are enemies. I like to think we'd make great cohorts. But, teamwork is just not how you operate.

Billycan, your fur is cuddly, but your brains are what really fuel my love for you. You can out-smart and out-wit every other rodent on this continent. If it weren't for your adorable temper (and genocidal tendencies), you'd be adored by all. Just imagine how good a shiny gold crown would look on your massive head!

From the depths of my heart, Billycan, I ask you to come back out of the shadows and take what is yours!

Love your biggest fan, 
That's Billycan in the white.

Yesterday, Margie wrote a letter to her favorite villain. Tomorrow, look for Christine's!


  1. Oh man. I still need to do mine. Well done, though, Jon!

  2. Awesome. Hilary is going to love it! (And of course, Billycan's small heart will go all aflutter, too. :)

  3. Okay, this is the most awesome thing ever! You are hilarious! :) Gosh, I do love my villain, Billycan! He is my favorite character I've ever written about. Does that make me secretly e-vil??? Let's hope not!

    This is too cool! Thanks, Jon!!!

    xoxo -- Hilary

  4. What a lovely love letter. To a brutal rat. Your heart knows no bounds, my dear... <3 <3

  5. This is really sweet. I think. ;) But more importantly, it shows how differently things might have turned out for your fave villain if he'd been raised NOT in a lab. Complicated folk, these villains are. Good ones, anyway.

    Thanks, Jon!