Aug 10, 2011

And a Very Happy Hump Day to You

AKA I have nothing to talk about. How are you doing? How are your virtual connections holding up in the summer months? What are your short-term and long-term goals. Share away!


  1. Happy Hump Day to you, too! :)

    Things do tend to slow down in the blogosphere during the summer, I've noticed. I think everyone wants a summer vacation. Mentally, at least, if it's not possible physically. *grin*

  2. Hi Jon, I'm trying to begin a sequel to my children's book - Anglo-Saxons/Vikings, and not getting anywhere. Grr.... :0)

  3. Hi everyone! I'm trying to manage getting some writing done while doing crafts with my kids. And I posted (finally) the prizes for the Tour de Writing on my blog.

    I feel like connections have amped up this summer, although I normally feel a slow down. I think this is due to The Practice Room, and meeting so many great writers through that, and the recent video chats.

    And with writeoncon getting going next week (although I'm having technical difficulties getting signed in this year).

    Lots of very cool things happening.

    Carole--I'm sending positive writing vibes your way!!

  4. I'm doing the same thing that I was doing in the spring and winter. Writing, Revising, Thinking, Daydreaming, Procrastinating, Working, Worrying, Being Happy.

    I'm having a blast!

  5. Haha! Thinking of buying a house that's only half-renovated. No kitchen, but it has walls. Might make or break us. So, not much going on, no. ;)

  6. Connections of every kind are tenuous at best. Plus, I'm crap at maintaining a blog, I've learned.
    I'm planning to finish the second draft - at least - of a new manuscript while the last one is out there trying his luck in queryland.
    And right now, I'm going to look up the two songs on your playlist I don't already know, cause you're the best place to find new music.

  7. I love how I never know what header will be up on your blog. Always a colorful surprise!
    And I'm catching up on laundry as I've been away for 12 days. Summer blogging has been sporadic.

  8. Yay New Banner! Love it!

    My summer goals went down the tubes with the dengue fever. But I'm recovering now and am waaay focused. Off to write 1000 words!

  9. Linda - I'd like a vacation...I just don't know what I would do with myself.

    Carole - I hope you find inspiration soon because I looove Viking stories.

    Heather - You're right, a lot of coll things are going on!

    Cynthia - I love all the capitalized words - you're living as a writer!

  10. Tere - That sounds like sooooo much fun!! But I definitely understand the hesitations. Good luck with your decision! (Also, I watch a lot of HGTV.)

    Lily - Tenuous is a good word for the process. I have found myself in the position of having a lot of loyal followers and I am so thankful and lucky.

    Good luck on your manuscript and thanks for trusting my taste in music.

    Kelly - I changed it right before your comment! Good timing. Btw, I am working on SE right now. Good timing, indeed.

    Anita - All in due time.

  11. Hi there, you!!! I am hoping to get my mojo on and write today. *fingers crossed* Have a great day!!!

  12. Hi Christina! I need to get my mojo going too!

  13. Responding to comments within 12 hours--that's something for me to strive for. Short and long-term goals---right now mine are one and the get enough sleep at night...:-) :-)

  14. LOL! Love your post, Jon. I'll have to remember to do one like this some day. It was great in TPR chatting with you guys today. Hope we can do it again sometime.

    I'm in the middle of too many writing projects. Trying to keep my head on straight. Busiest summer as far as writing that I've ever had, and it's flying by way too fast.

  15. Hey Jonathon. Since you asked, here's my five-year plan: 'get one, if not all, of these f*%#ing books published'.

  16. Paul - Oops, it's been 12 hours and 24 mins! Getting enough sleep is a great goal!

    Lyn - Multiple projects is the name of the game for me as I am sure you have noticed.

    Ray - You. Can. Do. It!