Aug 3, 2011

Two Down, Three to Go

Two years ago I proclaimed myself a writer, quit my job, moved, and then lamented. Along with the lamenting, I created a long list of goals and the headliner of that tour was my goal to be published within five years.

I was thinking the other day, where should I be along that timeline? I am two fifths of the way...

In that same moment of pondering (which was of course in the shower), I realized I am content with where I am. I have a blog that attracts old and new fans alike, I am serving tables at a popular and successful restaurant where the tips are great, and I am 1/3 of the way to a bachelor's degree.

Of course, all of you will tell me I have a long list of accomplishments, but the reality is that I constantly feel like I am on the edge of doing something career-starting and life-changing. With that said, I do not lead a life of disappointments.

I remember writing a post about being an idea person, but not an executer. I'm okay with that.

So I learned several things over the past two years. I started out as a picture book author and quickly transitioned into a YA and MG writer because my PB's were too...sad and old sounding. So, I scrapped the PB dreams in the interim and focused on the stories of an owl who doesn't even try to fit in, two boys who fall in love with each other, and a girl who makes up stories about her neighbors for her own amusement.

As those stories progressed, they lost steam at different paces. Each project was replaced with a new one and the cycle repeated again and again.

And now here we are. I have not completed a book, let alone a first draft. I'm okay with that. 

I am still learning what voice and tone are and why I seem to have perfected them already. I am still figuring out what a plot is. Even though I can remember my third grade teacher explaining climax and resolution twenty years ago, I have yet to understand what it really is.

My writing is full of rhetorical questions and rants, just as my life seems to be these days. But I am content with the unknown. It means I have places to go and things to discover.

Two years ago, the unknown was a hindrance. Today, the unknown is a blessing and a promise, and I'm okay with that.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support for the last year and a half - what a journey it has been. I cannot wait to share with you the successes of the next three years...I just have to go out and make them happen first.


  1. Glad to be on this writing journey with you, Jon! I like your positive post!

  2. Sounds like you've gained some excellent perspective, Jon. Minds are like parachutes.

  3. Love this. Love that you are content where you are. Love that the unknown is a blessing. :)

  4. Kelly - Not as glad as I am to be with you!

    Matt - Thanks for the image. I like it better than thoughts are a crazed businessman jumping off the roof of a corporate office building.

    Heather - Isn't it odd how comforting the unknown has become? I kind of look at it like Pete sees the world: creepy monsters and all. But without those creeper monsters, what else would I have?

  5. I love that you're happy where you are but still continue to shoot for the stars. Good luck!

  6. First, I think it's great you are still plugging away two years later. Many would not have the dedication or passion to make it happen.

    My two year mark is two weeks away. I guess we had the same goals at exactly the same time. In these years, the most important thing I've learned is that writing progress is subjective; we are the only person able to step back and recognize our progress. You have done so much in a short time, and I think you deserve a moment to bask in your accomplishments.


  7. "Two years ago, the unknown was a hindrance. Today, the unknown is a blessing and a promise, and I'm okay with that."

    This. Thank you. :)

  8. Success stories are great, but progress stories are so much more interesting. Thanks for sharing yours. I'll be watching for the climax and resolution in the years to come!

  9. I have three words for you: finish those books! Set a daily word goal and stick to it until the damn things are done. You won't regret it. Janet