Aug 3, 2011

Slight Changes, Big Things

This post was meant for publishing on Friday, but I clicked PUBLISHED instead of SAVE. Please read onto the previous post: Two Down, Three to Go. You guys are super fans if you check out all the things I mentioned. I will leave this post up and link to it on Friday. Make sure you're here Monday for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT

Over the last few weeks, my blog has been changing behind the scenes. Many of you have commented on the changing banner, but most of the tabs have changed as well. Oh, and I created a whole new blog to feature my graphic designs.

The Design Blog of Jonathon Arntson now showcases the designs that I spend unimaginable hours creating. The content that will fill this place explains why I have not completed a first draft of any of my novels.

Speaking of novels, check out the updated Works-in-Progress and The Second Person Experiment tabs above. Please, feel free to make comments and ask questions.


  1. I have to go sign the kids up for school, but will be back here sooooon to check this out. Fun!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, Anita. I will be gone for work, which should give everyone time to get up to speed on my crazy postings.

  3. Okay, leaving this tab up for later when I have more time.