Aug 13, 2010


I may have found my muse, and to think, it's been there all along.

(per Anita's comment--swearing ensues)
Aiding in the recovery is this prolific song. I bought their album as my b-day gift to myself:
'Little Lion Man' Mumford and Sons:


  1. I'm not your muse?! :)

    Nice music. (too bad had volume up full blast for the eff word). :)

    Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. Unique guitar on this one! Are they an irish band?

  3. And when is your bday? Have a great one!

  4. I'll have to listen later, I'm in a quiet space right now with no head phones.

    And, Happy Birthday!!

  5. Okay, Anita STOLE my comment. Curse you Anita!! ;) Happy Birthday, and many happy returns of the day! (Because Eeyore rocks!!)

  6. HEATHER: I haven't had a curse thrown at me in so long. It felt good. Thank you. :) My husband is a bit like Eeyore. I'm afraid I'm a bit like Rabbit.

  7. i love this song so much. happy belated birthday!

  8. Okay, you totally have my number. I do so like folks who know how to write lyrics and emote both. This song is brilliance, eff (that spelling of f brilliance too) word and all (have to admit to not being a good mother what with all my own swearing but proud to be in the company of good mothers). I have to listen to that again.

    What is this cabbage thing you speak about? And birthdays? I am so sorry that I missed it. I miss you.