Oct 31, 2010

NaNo is less than twelve hours away!

Alright. Today has the potential to majorly suck. I work three to midnight. I am anticipating hours upon hours of over-caffeinated children and parents asking if we have free candy for the kids (which they've been doing since Thursday, even though we are a GD gas station). I can do this. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I am bringing my NaNo workbook. I doubt I'll have much time to work on it, but if the opportunity arises, I want to take advantage of it. 

Yeah, so the optimism is totally a front. I'm not looking forward to today one bit. But that's okay because I'll get home shortly after midnight, log online, and head to Tina's NaNo Kick-Off Extravaganza Party Thing (not the official title). Don't wait for me to show up because the fun starts at 11pm ET. Binge on candy and get ready for the gates to open at midnight (unless you live in the frontier and have to wait as we "Easterners" unlock our brains and pour them out onto our desks (think Cadbury Egg)). <---what are the rules re: multi-layered parentheses?

Even if you're not doing NaNo, come by and haggle (or encourage) us. I'd love to see what you are doing with your November (perhaps growing a beard).

Oh, and 

Oct 29, 2010

NaNo is three days away-o!

My NaNo has been feeling neglected this week. Empty food and water dishes are not the way to win your NaNo over. This weekend, NaNo and I are spending lots of QT together and it will for sure involve lots of Reese's PB cups, Scrivenering, and rearranging the cork board for maximum visibility from my bed and my desk. 

The weekend is sure to go out with a bang. Not because of Halloween (I work 3-midnight, ugh), but because of Tina's NaNo kick-off partay! There's sure to be lots of encouragement and virtual snacks in the form of anecdotes oh and a new look!).

NaNo playlist, Song 1:

"Pa Pa Power" Dead Man's Bones
(not the music video, but this is the shortest video I could find)

Oct 26, 2010

The Candle and the Pumpkin (A Very Halloweeny Blogfest)

I am taking part in a blogfest for the first time. Generally, I am a scaredy-cat with such things*, but I decided to rise to the challenge and join my friend Mia Hayson's Halloween Blogfest. Read my brief entry and head on over to her blog for her Vampiriffic tale and a listing of the other participants. Also, I have one more blogpost before NaNo officially begins. Check out Tina's blog for an awesome invitation.

* Which is because I am a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to do things, this not being an exception. *tsk tsk*

the candle: You’re smothering me!

the pumpkin: I’m sorry, but you’re drying out my skin.

the candle: Let me see if I can dim my flame.

the pumpkin: Yes, that may help.

the candle: I that any better?

the pumpkin: Not really. Would a little air help?

the candle: We can try it.

the pumpkin: I’ll lift my lid a little.

the candle: I can feel a difference already.

the pumpkin: So can I! Let’s try a little more air.

the candle: Oh no! Not that much, it’ll blow me out!

the pumpkin: I’m sorry, but the relief is too great.

the candle: No! Please, put your lid back!

the pumpkin: Why should I? If you go out, then I have nothing to worry about.

the candle: Oh please, I’ll be as dim as possible.

the pumpkin: Alright, fine.

the candle: Thank you so much!

the pumpkin: Hey, your flame is bigger than ever.

the candle: I know, I cannot be extinguished!

the pumpkin: Oo-oo-oo, ow, hey!

the candle: Muahahaha!!!

the pumpkin: You’re smoldering meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Oct 24, 2010

NaNo Plan-o: Time-o

Inspired by the NaNo University Guide to Life (for students), I am making myself a loose schedule. I am doing this in an effort to find every fifteen or thirty minute opportunity and take advantage of it. I believe knowing my opportunities ahead of time will allow me to stay focused  instead of looking back at a missed opportunity and feeling regret.

I know I operate well with seven hours of sleep. On October 31, I work 3-midnight, as soon as I get home I am checking in with my TPR peeps for a pep talk and then leaving the CentralTim-, MT- and PT-ers behind so I can make the most of it finally being November 1. It's reasonable to assume that I will have Monday, Nov 2, off since I'll be on my eighth day of work at that point. This means I can stay up as late as possible getting in my 1,666. So, with Monday off, I need to get another 1,666 before I go to sleep. I am not sure what Tuesday holds, but I'll probably work 5am to 1pm. Then I'll come home, take a nap, get up, write for an hour, go to class (where I plan to write some more), come home and fulfill my 1,666(+).

As you can see, this plan is full of a lot of tentatives, but I think of NaNo as a living thing, my pet for November. I've discovered it's best to have a routine for pets. Take them for their morning jog, afternoon run, and evening jog at the same time each day. Just like their exercises, potty-time and dinner should be at the same day after day. They like it, so will NaNo. Deviation is certainly acceptable and it's those extra 15 or 30 min windows I intend to use as make-up (or get-ahead) time.

Come here, NaNo.





Play dead.

Okay, now we can snuggle.

Good, NaNo. Have a Swedish Fish.

Oh hey, NaNo wanted me to tell you that I made a vlog the other day. I made a NaNo-on-the-go kit, for when you take your NaNo on a walk.

Oct 19, 2010

Why I Write or I Like to Babble (About Myself)

Yesterday, I totally had a why-do-I-write moment. This one was different than the others. In the past, it's always been about not having enough talent, skills, and know-how to be a writer. This time, however, it was simply why do I write. Why do I love it so much? What compels me to pursue a career as an author when it seems like I am perpetually one step forward, two steps back. Let me tell you that I am way too good at justificationfests. I can spin things anyway I want them, my subconscious suppressed into silence.

Fortunately, my subconscious would not succumb to the oppression. There was a full-blown rebellion in my brain. My basket-case conscious can no longer be a tyrant and my subconscious has to have its say.

And a say it has had.

I write because I have a voice. I like my voice and I want others to hear my voice. It's not necessarily opinions I want to share with my writing, but views. Ways of looking at things. When someone finishes a book of mine, I want them to have the feeling they just walked in someone else's shoes. Perspective.

Hm... why else do I write.

I write because I am surrounded by the likes of Elana Johnson and Dianne Salerni and after one convo with those two, you cannot help but want to write.

I write because Tina, Heather, Marisa, and Dena build me up. They are the first people to support me and get me. The first in my entire life. Yeah, that sounds overly dramatic, but it's true. Some folks have given me blind support when they do not understand what it is that I want to do (parents, sibs, friends) but these gals have given me direction, companionship, and, most importantly, a future.

I write because it feels right.

I write because I'm sometimes good at it.

I write because pen to paper brings on passion unlike anything else in my life.

I write because of you.

I write for me.

Oct 16, 2010

It starts with a conversation

I posted at Know Diversity today. Come share your teachable moment stories.

Oct 14, 2010

Hello NaNo Plan-o


I am doing it. Add me as a buddy!!

Yes, NaNo.


I need infrastructure. Ooo, I love that word.

Goals for October:
1. Develop the two main characters, Violet and Cain (siblings), and a few secondary characters (friends, sidekicks, early enemies).
2. Think about that thing called plot. (What will happen to my two sibs? FYI, there's a major twist)
3. Evaluate the number of hours I spend on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail chat, and...wherever else. Recycle 90% of that time for writing.
(Tina posted about these links too. Read her insights here.)

Goals for November:
1. Write a book, 50-thou-holy-cow
2. Validate those 50 thou and receive 50% off the upcoming Windows version of Scriveners!! (Yes, all you mac users are snickering. Good for you.)

So, there you have it. Rails and roads are being laid and the power company is about to give the go ahead. My light-bulb is already burning bright, thanks to the generator.

NaNoWriMo is not my bitch. NaNo is my friend. NaNo is my partner in crime, my sidekick, my everything.
Thanks Paul and Tina for the great ideas!

You had me at hello, NaNo.

November will be my bitch.

Oct 4, 2010

Give Up or Live Up, the Follow-Through

Many of you joined my rally cry the other week and proclaimed "Live up!" with me. I have been living up a little more than usual, but I need to take it to the next level. I am going to use the motto to define my goals each week.

-I have been meaning to track hours spent writing, online, being happy, etc., but I just don't have time. Uh, give up.
-I will start tracking the things mentioned above today. Yay, live up!

-I have not defined a WiP and I am sucking at writing right now, so I'm just gonna quit for the week. Give up.
-Between sixteen different projects, I wrote 21,500 words in September, I will be proud of that, even if it's not defined. Holla! Live up!

-I am getting fat. Give up.
-I am getting my ass on that bike. Live up!

I am so totes going to live it up this week. You two?

My sis took this pic at the marina, totally had to share it with you.

Oct 3, 2010

I am so excited! The SuperSiblings Unite Edition

I moved to Ludington a year ago. I moved to the same town two of my sisters live in, but away from where my other sister lived. Well, yesterday she officially moved to where I live and now we're all in the same area!! Finally, I have someone I can hang out with! Yay!! I am sure to write less now, but I am okay with that.