Jun 29, 2010

Goals? What are those?

Super quick post today.

Here is this week's sched that I am setting for myself:
Work 11:30-7, run at 9:30pm, start exploring The snowflake Method starting at 10. Bed by 12.
The Practice Room 7:30am-8:30am-chat to follow, work 11:30-7, run at 9:30pm, homework all evening
TPR same time, work 11-6, run at 9:30pm, homework all evening
TPR same time, run mid-AM, WRITE MY ASS OF ALL DAY LONG, get a haircut, start filming next vlog.

In the in between times I intend to begin mastering the art of Swiss Cheese Scheduling.

Current song obsession:
"Twenty Two" Wakey!Wakey! feat. Theo Martins

Jun 26, 2010

Future Vlog Star Video #1

My puppy, Belle, makes a cameo.

Yeah, that took six takes. Belle was lazier the first few times.

Jun 24, 2010

My Handwriting (A meme of a different kind)

Mariah tagged me in a handwriting meme and you must write your blog post out on paper!

Here are the things I had to write:
1. Name/Blog Name.
2. Right handed, left handed or both?

3. Favorite letters to write?

4. Least favorite letters to write?

5. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

6. Write in caps:
7. Favorite song lyrics?
8. Tag 7 people.
9. Any special note or drawing?

Click me to make me larger (and readable.)
Thanks, Mariah, for the tag. This was fun.

(Also, Blogger is being a dick. Sorry for the funky formatting)

Also, also, I have been posing this question on Twitter:

Y or N: should I change the name of my blog?

Jun 22, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday: In Which I Discover This Fact: I am one dirty and lazy SOB.

1. I was supposed to go running after work yesterday. I postponed to this morning. Too lazy to go now. Postponing to tonight.

2. My stomach keeps grumbling, but I am too lazy to go get bread out of the freezer and let it thaw and then make toast.

3. My Twitter addiction is simmering down and I am starting to get into the flow of it. I like that you can step away for days and come back to find things are always the same, except the trending topics.

4. I went from two job to one on Friday and I am so excited I finally have time for homework. Like this time right now...

5. My room is totally the room of a teenage boy: clothes strewn everywhere, papers layering the floor, a broken light bulb that fell two months ago. I did clean my room last week, but it still needs improving. A lot of improving.

6. Um...I got in a car accident three years ago and I have yet to get the front right panel on my car fixed.

7. I have more pet-peeves than anyone you've ever met.

8. I have more opinions than anyone you've ever met. Yes. Even more than your MIL.

9. I am a pack-rat and have magazines and games from my teen years that I just can't part with. They may be useful one day and until I reach hoarder status they stay here with me.

10. This is gross, but I have gone a month without changing the sheets on my bed. Okay, I am seriously taking them off right now.

9:35PM EDIT:
I keep forgetting to tell you: Paul Greci has a tangible book giveaway that ends this week. Check it out.

Jun 17, 2010

If You Buy My Books: A List of Things I'll Do With My Celebrity Or a Premature Sales Ploy

(Not in any particular order, except #1 and #5.)

1. Make a nice donation to iTunes
2. Holiday in France, Tahiti, and Detoit.
3. Buy a house down the road from JK Rowling, just so I can say we're neighbors.
4. Buy five lifetime supplies of Reese's PB cups.
5. Provide income for a personal trainer.
6. Buy a Swiss Army Knife that could fly a plane if it needed to.
7. Ask the Gorillaz to write a song about one of my books and pull the Blur-love card if needed.
8. By hundreds of copies of my BFF's books and probably read each copy.
9. Get involved in European politics.
10. Meet Snoop Dog.

This is my second post for the day. The previous one has depth.

How to blog: post novelty

No, this is not a how-to-get-followers post and no this is not of high quality like Elana's series from a month ago.  It is simply some self-reflection.

Okay, now that everyone has runaway: 

When I started blogging in January, I came out of nowhere. Literally, I had rarely been online before then and a lot of people noticed my presence right away. I am not sure why or how, but I had a lot of fun back then. I was a novelty. A shiny new toy to play with who got fifty followers in three weeks. Then, it turned out I had responsibilities and bills to pay. My writing life flat-lined and I have been grasping at straws since, hoping I'll be able to breathe again. I think I have found new life with my latest WiP, which I am calling a DystUrban Fantasy. Catchy, huh? Okay, so I started a miniplotmapthing on a scrap piece of paper at work the other week and that's where I am: outlining. I have never really outlined before and many people say they hate it and just as many people swear by it. All I know is whatever I was doing before with STEPBROTHERS was not working. Maybe it was just life, but leaving that MS behind felt so good and working on this adventure is just awesome.

So now I am in this weird transitional time. Should I comment on everyone's blog so that I can start growing again? Should I just sit idle and let the blog carry itself? Should I lobby to be interviewed by someone? Ha. I don't know the answer and I am not even trying to figure it out. It'll just happen as it wishes.

One thing I do know is the support you folks have given me has been very powerful. You pushed me to start school and you pushed me to think highly of myself, even when I thought myself worthless. I will always remember that.

What I've been listening to:
"Dreams" The Cranberries

Jun 15, 2010

too much to say, as usual

I usually think of excellent posts when I am at work and never right them down and then sit here with nothing to say and tell you that at one point I did indeed have too much to say. So, I'll leave you with a few updates and we'll see if I can recapture my thoughts by Thursday's post.
A) I love asparagus, if you're not from Michigan, I guess you don't understand.
B) My walls have wallpaper from the seventies and it is a goldenrod color with orange flowers and weird green ivy.
C) My keyboarding class is going to give me carpal tunnel because my hands hurt so bad after just half an hour of lessons. That's how wrong I have been typing all these years.
D) My psych class is...yeah, I got an 85% on an assignment. A freaking B, I was so pissed. Guess I better try a lot harder this week.
E) How weird is it that I am psychotically busy all the time, yet I am perpetually bored? Is it all in my head? I think I need to adjust my thinking.

Also, Hank always has the best things to say:

Jun 10, 2010

not much to say, as usual

I always tell you I have nothing to say, but today it's the truth. I have broke the 1000 word barrier on my new WiP, yay and I have started a miniplotmapthing that I am able to discretely write on at work. I am obsessed with the Eclipse Soundtrack, but I will not be seeing the movie anytime soon, per precedent.

Also, check out Karsten Knight's blog. He is a 2011 debut author I mentioned the other day and he is 20 followers away from an epic video, so go NOW and follow.

Jun 8, 2010

How do you celebrate the small victories?

I am not gonna lie. Tuesday came out of nowhere. Without this new schedule I probably would have gone until next Tuesday without posting.  Another not-gonna-lie moment: i have nothing to say.  This weekend completely burned me out with the funeral and traveling and my dad's 60th and more traveling and school starting yesterday.  Oh, yeah, classes officially started yesterday! I am looking forward to learning. I really am.

Without sweating the small stuff, I am celebrating the small victories of my new WiP (I wonder how long I am going to refer to it as the new WiP, let's end now). So, I am celebrating the small victories of my WiP for one reason: I tend to forget the breakthrough and celebrating it is just a way for me to remember. Any suggestions for celebrations? I could take a shot of vodka every time*. Or what do you do?  How do you officially celebrate the small victories. On the flip-side, how do you push past the small stuff?

Alright, I'm out. How d'ya like the short post?!

*If I am really plastered when you chat with me, it must've been a really good day!

Jun 5, 2010

So what? I'm atypical.

This is one of those five things for Friday things...on a Saturday...and I am using letters so that I keep it under twenty-six and they're prettier anyway.

A) I don't usually do the 'go here now and follow' thing, but GO HERE NOW AND FOLLOW!  This guy, Karsten Knight, has a book coming out in 2011, but in the short-term he is going to dance to something once he gets one hundred followers. I voted for "Single Ladies" and I totally want to see this.

B) Have you ever heard of Evernote?  I have been on a cleanup kick.  I did my books last week and my computer's library this week.  Today, I did my browser's(Chrome) bookmarks, of which I have over three hundred.  I used Evernote as a sorting system to decide what to keep and what to toss.  I hate printing things out, so Evernote is brilliant for me.  Everytime I add something, I can put it in a folder and add tags to it.  Seriously, it's amazing and free.  Go download it and start organizing, unless you suckrock and have a gorgeousmachineMac.

C) As you may have seen in my last post I have started a new WiP and I am excited about it.  Like uber-excited!  Yup.  Oh, it's called EXTINGUISHED.

D) I have been posting in weird ways lately.  I'll go a week with nada and then post three days in a row.  While you guys may be fine with this, I find it awfully hard to deal with and I am setting a sched.  Now, my old followers know that I used to blog seven days a week and it was awesome.  Yeah, burnt out in about three weeks of that, so I am going to give you two totally awesome posts a week on Tuesday and Thursday.  There are a lot of reasons I chose those two days, but mainly it's because they both start with a 't', so it's easier to remember.  I will be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Okay, so questions?

E) You tell me.

Oh, F)  haha, I need your help.  Will you head over to W.I.B.I.J.?! and read our recap post and provide feedback in the form off to the right?  It's anonymous.  Even if you haven't played the game, I believe your feedback about layout and content will be invaluable.

Jun 4, 2010

FTW, what does that mean anyway?

At first, I felt sorry for the weasel, but then Urban Dictionary told me what it really meant, then Wiktionary told me a different meaning and that's the one I intend to use here:
For The Win!

Okay, so lots of late night chatting and brainstorming, and epiphanitizing has led me to START OVER on a new WiP, a YA dystopian.  I know, that bandwagon is HUGE, but I am convinced I can squeeze out a fresh  perspective with my story.  Wish me luck.  I'll keep you posted.