Jan 31, 2010

Solution Sunday and the Motivators

Where I tell you a little about what works me
and you tell me a lot about what works for you.

Happy last day of January.  Sad.

This week I wrote a two page concept/synopsis for a middle grade novel called The Lemonade Stand, I read The Name of this Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch (which I gave 3/5), and I opened my WIP, Stepbrothers, on my thumb drive and stared at it for a few hours before closing the document.  Yeah, let's not go there right now.

So essentially I have really done nothing but vehemently blogged.  Is this a bad thing?  I dunno.  I am learning a lot from you fellow bloggers, I am being inspired by you fellow bloggers, and I have been sharing the love with you too.  It's been a great few weeks.  If I get to fifty-three followers by midnight tomorrow night, I'll have gained fifty in the month of January.  That means all of you have been here since after the new year began.  I believe that that is a great start to 2010!  If I gain 50% of the followers I gained this month, I'll have seventy-five by the end of February.  If this trend were to continue until the end of the year, I'd start 2011 with 4324.8779296875 followers, gave or take a few decimal points.  Of course, that could never happen.  So I am setting my sights on a number that makes sense.  Let's go with...*picking out of a hat*...125.  Is that what you expected?  It wasn't the Sorting Hat!

Goal: 125 followers by the end of 2010.  (Don't forget once I hit 100, you'll all official become my minions and we can decide on a name for our group.)

Back to my initial point.  Everyone has tactics to motivate themselves: coffee, licorice, hanging upside down for an hour chanting your MC's name.  Here's the one that works best for me: people who've got it.  It.*  Whatever it is, they got it.
EDIT:  Here's one of those that has got it, but no followers.  Go show her some love and I dare to accept her challenge, Flootin' About.

So get out there this week and find some peeps, make some friends, and network.  We all need to have that support group.  It helps during every stage of our writing and by the time our book comes out, I can tell you there will be people waiting in line.


Jan 30, 2010

Something About Me Saturday (SAMS) - I'm a sucker for creativity

For my first SAMS, I am going to tell you a few odd things about me.

1. I am a sucker for shear creativity.

2. I cannot dance...literally.  I suppose I can interpretive dance.  But this butt isn't doing no crumping.

3. I am obsessed with peanut butter and Keira Knightly.

4. Glitter.

5. WIBIJ?!  Are you ready for it?

If I totally bored you to death, then use the next six days as an opportunity for me to answer your questions to ask me questions.  Ask me anything, I will answer them all the following Saturday.

Also, did you carefully read my site disclaimer up top?

EDIT: I feel like you should know a few more odd things about me
-I have a crazy craving for veal right now.
-One nostril is runny, the other is super dry, so what drug do you take for that?
-Angry Arthur is my favorite book from my childhood, but I think it's out of print.
-*TMI Alert* According to Joe Borgenicht's What NOT to Name Your Baby, the name Tucomah means a premature ejaculator.  That's my legal first name, but I go by Jonathon.  My middle name is associate with another bodily fluid: vomit.  
*Don't say I didn't warn ya.*

Jan 29, 2010

Future Friday, another award, and a final word.

COMMENTS were not working for most of yesterday on my post, so while I sulked about my sudden unpopularity, you were all trying to give me some love!  So, if you had something brilliant and fun to say or anything for that matter, make sure you give Thesaurus Thursday some love for me.

Now, onto FUTURE FRIDAY (que cue (wow, Jon, really?) Vtech robot voice)

The future is coming, whether we are prepared for it or not.  Today, I am outlining the steps I need to take to get most out of my inevitable journey.

Writing related steps:
1. Rewrite query for MYLAR, my picture book.
2. Take a chill pill and choose one, I repeat, ONE WIP to focus one.
3. Join a critique group.  Even my little town of ten thousand has a writer's organization, I may be end up being the lone YA and PB writer there, but who knows what I'll gain.
4. Meditate twice a week before I attempt to work on the WIP.  Or drink wine.
5. Whichever WIP I choose by the end of next week, must have a word count of 65 thou by April. 

Life related steps:
1. Get a second job.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  (Of course serving and any food related jobs are out.  Weak stomach.)
2. Spend more time with the nieces and nephews.  (I am writing a MG series with my eldest niece.  She's totally into it, but I am not allocating enough time to further the project.)
3. Create a weekly schedule.  I have seen many bloggers post about their schedules and how they do it.  I keep asking them and myself how this is possible.  Next month, you'll be asking me how I do it.
4. Learn to type better.  I am a chicken pecker of a writer and I believe it is slowing me down.  I have started free lessons at sense-lang.org.  Now, since I have little proper training regarding typing, this may not be the best place to learn.  If you guys are willing, would you jet over there and spend three minutes testing it out and tell me if it's good?  otherwise, I'll spend the twenty bucks for a typing program.  (This is under life steps, because typing well will help me with more than just my writing.)
5. I will start to shave every-other-day.  I have recently grown a beard worthy of No-Shave November, but alas it's not November, so inapprop.
(Btw, the enlarged, colored numbers are a hint at my current revision project.  Okay, hint over, the picture book is titled, Roy G. Biv.  Interested?)
So, I hope I haven't lost any fans yet.  Keep in mind: everyone loves a yeti.

Guess what, I got my second (or third if you count Mariah reverse giving me the Silver Lining Award) award of the week.  Kimberly Franklin had this to say about me, 
"His comment the other day made me laugh. I mean really LAUGH. Very creative, Jon. Very creative!!!"
Thanks, Kim.  I am glad you got a good laugh, that's the best reward.

I am not sure the rules of this one, so I am going to choose one recipient of the award.

This goes to my self proclaimed number one fan.  She is my number one competition when it comes to getting in the first word on other people's blog, so naturally she is usually the first to comment on mine.  She also has the funniest, quirkiest, and most honest things to say, which melts my heart every time.  Who knew a few weeks ago that I would meet other bloggers that I now feel have been lifelong friends?  It's uber cheesy, I know, but it's oh so true.  This great new friend I find in Tina Laurel Lee.  

Tina's blog, Watch Me Practice (because I get better when I practice) is simply set up, little detracts the eye, from her creative, pleasant posts.  I love to head over there when I can't clear my head.  Also, read this comment she left on my Silver Lining Award (which I received from Heather Kelly) acceptance speech post:
"I have to say that was well done. While reading this blog I was thinking, my gosh this guy deserves every word and upon finishing I think you have done your rewarder proud. you both make tears spring to my eyes. I love it. This is a beauty of a wtf? Wednesday. You have made a wonderful spot on the blogoshere."
So, Tina, here's your very own sprinkling of glitter.  Use it well.  Oh, there's something else for ya.
For those that are wondering, it's cabbage and, yes, Tina, Heather, and I are in a love triangle.  No, we are not accepting members.  I'm not square and I don't do dodecahedra.

I leave you with a final word - John Green on J.D. Salinger.  :( and :)

Jan 28, 2010

Thesaurus Thursday

Being into all this alliteration between the days of the week and a quirky idea, or not so quirky, I have decided to add to my list.  The ones in bold are my additions AKA ones I have yet to do.

Solution Sunday - all about what works for me, regarding writing.
Meanie Monday - why I hate Monday and the occasional reasons why I love Monday.
Tubular Tuesday - because they both start with T, so basically the miscellaneous day of reviews and such.
wtf? Wednesday (also, vote in the comments about whether you prefer wtf? or WTF?  I am thinking lower case, but you decide.)
Thesaurus Thursday - uh, guess.
Future Friday - the personal one, where I discuss the future, the present future, and occasionally the past.
Something About Me Saturday - the one where I tell you something odd about me, per the title of my blog, things you are all just dying to know.  I can tell.  Feel free to post questions, at any time  during the week under the label SAMS, and I'll answer them during this segment.  The questions can be anything and I will answer ALL of them.

Are there any of these you find generic or overused?  Would you add anything.  Or am I just perfect?  Glitter.

Okay, so clearly, today is Thesaurus Thursday.  I think it would be fun to play with a thesaurus today.  And speaking of  overused, I recently read Scott's A Writer's Blog, which featured another blog labeling the usage words like smirk, shrug, and nod as an amateur's mistake.  Okay, well, I am fo sho an amateuo, so I don't think I can say too much in defense of those go-to words, but you, my writerly, cool, professional friends can.  Before, you get all, "Ew, smirking is for loners," and, "Shrugg-a-lugga-ding-dong," I have a request.

Thesauratize (or do you prefer thesaurutize, btw, you're choosing the household winner here.  No pressure, or anything (UUU)).  Okay, back to focus.  Thesauratize the words smirk, shrug, and nod for me.  If you'd prefer, you can whip open your thesaurus and list of the synonyms (lame), but I'd much prefer answers in your own words.  Tell me what you like to use, what you like to avoid, and what makes its way into your writing that you had no idea you overused until you Wordled your WIP.  If you haven't wordled your WIP, do it.  If you don't wanna because of the 'I'm self-conscious of my novel' aspect, just do it for fun.

Okay, so here's your assignment people (once I get to 100 followers I'll switch to minions) tell me your thoughts on 1. the alliterated days of the week (with a side nod to wtf? or WTF?) 2. Give me your synonyms to smirk, shrug, nod, and other overused words and 3. avoid getting annoyed at the over-usage of made up words in this post and the over-usage of the word usage.

(As creator of this über cheesy blog, I reserve the right to cancel any prescheduled alliterated events at any time for any reason: lameness, lack of response, scroogeness.  Of course, the day itself will go on, I have no control over that, yet.)

Also, I am currently eating the first Eskimo Pie of my life and YUM!  (It's no the morning, btw.  I frequently type up my blogs the evening before and then post in the AM.)

Also, Belle(L) and Molly(R) funsies:

And, yes that rug is so from the 70's.

If you are still reading by now, then you are the best fan ever!

Jan 27, 2010

wtf? Wednesday and an...award!

So, wtf?  I got an award!  Heather Kelly at Edited to Within an Inch of my Life has given me a Silver Lining Award.  So, why am I saying wtf?  Two reasons.  First, because it's wtf? Wednesday and I have to say wtf? about something.  Second, because what did I do to deserve an award, especially one regarding the proverbial silver lining.

Here is what Heather had to say about moi,
"To Jon: For spewing enthusiasm all over the blogosphere. Man, you have to get up early in the day to comment at any writerly blog before Jon. I'm pretty sure he'll be ruling the blog world sometime soon--and his enthusiasm reminds me of glitter--once you start shaking it around, it spreads EVERYWHERE! Insidious! We need more of this kind of enthusiasm to keep us afloat while facing revisions or rejections. Rock on, Jon!"

I mean, she compared me to glitter!  Demetri Martin may have this to say about glitter, "The thing about glitter is, if you get it on you, be prepared to have it on you forever 'cause glitter is the herpes of craft supplies."  Well, Demetri, I am here to stay, too.  See, Heather said I'd be taking over the blog world in no time.  Paul Michael Murphy might get to rename New York to New Murph and his name may sound worthy a child television star, but he was not compared to glitter.  Glitter sparkles and in the world of YA lit, many people think of one thing upon hearing the word sparkles: Edward Cullen.  So, now I make the argument that Heather compared me to Edward.  Now, I know I don't have his good looks and I am not a vegetarian (or a vampire, for that matter), but I can see it.  Essentially, I am being given the Silver Lining Award because I am Edward Cullenesque.  Is there any better reason out there?  Well, she does say that I am enthusiastic, that's a close second.
Heather, thank you!

Now, I must pay it forward because, even though it's an award, there are rules:
* Post the award on your blog.
* Let them know who gave it to you and link to them.
* Nominate five other blogs and link to them.
* Let your nominees know that they've received the award.
(My recipients can do whatever they want with 'em, I don't care)
*DISCLAIMER: Sorry about the odd formatting in this post and most of my others...I am illiterate in certain areas.*

Okay, so I posted the award.  Check.  I told you Heather gave it to me.  Check.  Now, my nominations.

Well, this is probably against the rules, but I have been thinking to myself about who I would choose in the instance that I ever received an award...and the first person that always pops into my head is...

Heather Kelly - I know.  I know.  Wtf?  She gave me the damned award, so why would I give her one too.  Well, I cannot change the fact that she is awesome, tubular, and rad.  Also, I am in the dark (being new to the blogoshpere) about what awards my other nominees have received, so why take that into account regarding Heather?  Heather's blog, you know the name, has been one of my favorite places to frequent from the beginning of my blogging experience, which was a few weeks ago.  Heather's blog is full of anecdotes that just hit the spot every time, "I'll shoot for the stars. And if one of them falls, then all the better!"  Heather is probably best known for featuring published or upcoming authors during her Friday Feature segment.  These are excellent reads, I recommend you page through her past entries.  Oh, and stay tuned for some, ahem, upcoming ones featuring, ahem, coolness.  Also, she managed to turn insidious into a compliment.
Alright, moving along.

Mariah of Constantly Risking Absurdity.  Just look at the name of her blog!  Mariah brings fun and enthusiasm to the everyday and I always look forward to reading her posts.  She features hilarious videos and she even chose James McAvoy to be her assistant, for which I still deserve something, I believe.  Just kidding.  Kinda.

Next, I am giving an award to Ali of Ali Cross, Author.  I love Ali because she always comments on my blog and says things that make me feel special.  Ali's cool.

Next award goes to Natalie Murphy at The Sound of Rain.  Natalie is also a frequent commenter to my blog, but I really like her for her blog.  She always posts fun things that just make your day better.  If you were already having a good day, it will still be better after visiting Natalie.

Last, but never least, I give an award to Brandon.  His blog, The Bard's Bookshelf, has become on of my favorites in just the last week, but I like everything he has to say.  While, I may not agree with all of it, I like the points he makes and I like his book reviews.  He always has something positive to say.

I understand that the blogosphere is saturated with awards and everyone has one, but this newbie blogger is happy to receive one and I am even more pumped about handing them out.

Anita Laydon Miller, Tina Lee, Marybeth Poppins, and PMM already received one, but they are on my list of faves too.

Jan 26, 2010

Tubular Tuesday, because I have nothing to tease you with and totally is so totes overused and I dunno what truth to tell

Tubular, I really like that word.  When I use it, which is frequently, my audience typically cocks their head in awe and sometimes worry.  "Yes", I tell them, "I am odd".

Another odd thing about me is that I rank my favorite books.  Yes, I know.  Why do I take the time to do this?  I dunno, I just like ranking things and since books are my #3 favorite things in the world, then why not rank my favorite ones?  Right.
I am, however, starting to worry that my ranking system is off and maybe a little disingenuous.  Here's why.

As of right now here is the list (each title is followed by the month and year in which I read the book)

1. The Road by Cormac McCarthy (February 2009)
2. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (September 2009)
3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (May 2009)
4. The Vast Fields of Ordinary by Nick Burd (January 2010)
5. Looking for Alaska by John Green (November 2009)
6. The Maze Runner by James Dashner (December 2009)
7. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (January 2010)
8. The Host by Stephenie Meyer (June 2009)
9. Swim the Fly by Don Calame (January 2010)
10. The Giver by Lois Lowry (June 2007)

As you can see, only one book, The Giver, is not from the last year.  Why have my recently read books had such an impact on me that they have made it to the very top of my list?  I do not think many people would challenge the presence of The Road or The Hunger Games series on this list, but the others would not ordinarily be at the top of someone's all-time list.  I cannot explain why they are there other than when I sat down at goodreads.com to add each book, I felt that book needed to be at the top.  The current list, which you can view via the Goodreads link, currently has thirty titles.  Only eight are from 2008 and earlier.

Have my views changed and the books that used to be at the top just aren't as good to me anymore?  Or are the books that I devoured last year just that good that they make it to the top?

Do you have a list of all-time faves, what's on there, does it have an interesting timeline?  If not, if you threw one together, what would be among the top?  Are they childhood favorites  or are they books that mean something to you, but you just read them.  Did some books loose their luster the longer you had to process them?

Last question, and be honest, my friends.  Are you totally judging me and my list or is it just tubular?

And, as always, puppy.  The little one is Belle and her mama is Molly.

Jan 25, 2010

Hi, contests, yay.

Steph Su Reads is having the best blog contest.  Ever.  Will Grayson, Will Grayson and Linger up for grabs, that's f*ing right!  There's even more, but of course, don't join I'm gonna win anyway.  Oh, wait, that's right, there's more than one winner.

Angela Ackerman's The Bookshelf Muse (the one with the sweet jolly roger!) is also having a contest.  You win a chapter critique, but you get something else super saweet, she is letting you choose her new thesaurus collection.  If you haven't explored her previous thesaurus posts, then do so, she is creative and amazing with words and ideas.

Meanie Monday and setting the mood with music.

First, I am happy to report that Saturday ended a week long display of sunshine, which is unheard of here in West Michigan!  It was nice while it lasted, but I am glad to be back to the grey.

When I was in the shower today, (I do most of my best thinking in the shower.  We have a rain shower, get one, there's nothing better), I was listening to the band Passion Pit.  Of the millions of musical artists out there, I listen to only a handful.  My selection is quite odd, with a mix of mainstream, indie, and the Beatles (yes, they are their own category).
Alright, so, I was listening to Passion Pit which is a mix of up beats and interesting lyrics.  I know that they are somewhat popular, but do a lot of younger people listen to them?  Younger people as in YA readers.  Stephenie Meyer put MUSE on the map.  They were not very well known in the U.S. before the soundtrack to Twilight came out in 2008, but now almost everyone knows them, and many of us writers were introduced to them as the band SM listens to for inspiration.  Can you hear MUSE in the Twilight books?  Do you listen to music to aid in your writing?  I do.

For dialogue inspiration:
the Beatles
Matt and Kim
Death Cab for Cutie
The Postal Service
Kate Nash

For setting the mood or scene:
the Beatles
Kings of Leon
Jose Gonzalez

For just something to get you going:
the Beatles
The Moody Blues
Pink Floyd
Talking Heads
Tom Tom Club
Goddamn Electric Bill
Alison Krauss

So, basically the Beatles are good for everything.

I also started wondering if writers think they need to listen to the latest and greatest music artists to get in the YA groove.  If that's the case, then I will surely fail:
Lady Gaga, blehk
Lil' Wayne, ugh
Owl City, fireflies scare me

Jan 24, 2010

Wow, I'm over the hill!

Today, I made it to forty followers.  That's thirty-seven in two weeks.  Thanks guys!
(Maybe by this time next year I can be in Moses years.)

I would also like to thank the puppies, who, I imagine, gained me at least ten fans.  I would also like to thank Maggie Stiefvater, Sherman Alexie, and Suzanne Collins, without whose books would have given me only myself to talk about.

These past two weeks have been wild; full of advice and encouragement.  I like you all.

If you're new here and you'd like to make me feel even more über special, then you could read through my archives.  There aren't very many, but some of the early ones are threatening to call Child Services, citing neglect.  Something's I just can't control, but I told them I'd give them a shout out.

Saturday, my two best friends, Raina and Brittany, visited me and we went to the beach and made cupcakes.

At the Ludington State Park (Michigan's #1 State Park, not making it up!)  Raina is always following in other people's footsteps, especially the weird ones.

Apparently Britt and I have never made it passed the oral fixation stage.  (Hi, the format god was being a betch.)

Loose review of The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

I read two books this week.  First Shiver, then The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian.
I had two good cries this week.  I'm over that now.

The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

This book will change you.  No matter who you are before you read Alexie's brilliant book, you will be different afterward.  I have been meaning to read this book for a couple years and I just never committed myself to the idea.  An Indian boy cripple who isn't really accepted by anyone and he likes to draw.  I can be a dick sometimes, and when I finished The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian, I felt ashamed.  What is wrong with me that I have been choosing my books based on stereotypes?  It is true that I have an disinterest in Native American culture.  I appreciate the historical qualities and the social customs that we learned about in grade school, but I gotta be honest, I really dislike beaded dresses, feathered headdresses, and eagles.  But why is it that the dislike of those inanimate objects has digressed into my prejudice against the Native American population as a whole?

What the hell is wrong with me?

So, I read The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian and I am not going to say that I am a reformed man or that this book has made me into and Indian-lover because that would make Junior, the book's protagonist roll his eyes.  Well, that, and it's just not true.  This book changed me because it reminded me that we are all human.  I don't sit around plotting wars with the nearby reservation, but I have never allowed myself to think that maybe Native Americans deserve to be given something other than excuses (excuses being our name for their current situation).  I am not going to pretend that I know much about the issues of today's Indians, obviously alcohol abuse and smoking are prevalent, there are all sorts of financial hurdles each Indian must overcome, but how are these things different than the rest of us?  I think that is part of Junior's point in The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian.  He makes several comparisons between his rez and the nearby white town where he (the only Indian) attends high school.  This is seen as a betrayal by most of the Indians living on his rez, casting him further outside of their 'culture'.  Junior manages to overcome a crappy hand of cards that was dealt to him well before he was born and make a difference in his life.  He does this while battling all stages of grief, but he just tells you what's what and you either laugh or cry.  The trials and tribulations Junior faces in this book are enough to push someone beyond their breaking point, but Junio's life is not all bad.  He finds his calling and experiments with just plain old life a bit.  He lives a little and finds happiness in that fact.  He may be the only happy Indian on his rez, but he isn't afraid to show it, well, maybe a little scared.

The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian is full of anecdotes that will make you laugh hysterically and cry occasionally, sometimes simultaneously.  You will learn lessons you never thought you would.  You will learn lessons you never thought existed.  You will gain two new friends, one in Junior, who you will literally fall in love with and the other with yourself, where reflections will possibly annoy you, but more likely change you.

The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian makes it into my top ten of all-time and is incidentally the third book in a row to do so.  I'm on a role.

Only two puppies left!  That means we have one available.

Jan 23, 2010


Since no one looks at posts on Saturdays and I'm a freak, I am only posting puppy pics today, to draw you in!  If you'd like to see some legit posts, look at the past few days, I think there are some charmers.

Jan 22, 2010

Future Friday

Future Fridays will be all about the future, the present, and occasionally, the past.

Today, I am discussing my job hunt, or the lack there of.

I made a mistake and used the fact that Michigan's economy sucks as an excuse to not go looking for a second job.  Well, even though the economy sucks, apparently people are, or were, still hiring.  Totally missed that bandwagon.  Dollar General is opening a new store five miles from my house, in the neighboring town and they were hiring temporary people to move the shelves and organize product.  I love doing that kind of work!  Well, of course, I didn't inquiry about positions until it was too late.  I called today and asked if they were still hiring, the employee on the other line said this, "We already did that."  I thanked her and hung up, maybe I didn't miss out after all.
Two months ago, (you can laugh, it's okay), I tried applying to Wal-Mart.  This is one of the hardest things I have ever done because I have literally only been to Wal-Mart about ten times in my life.  I hate it there, but the pocket book rules and they were hiring for nighttime stockers.  How perfect for me.  So, I went online and took their pre-employment assessment test.  Hi, I failed.
Apparently, you are supposed to not provide good customer service, because I answered the questions based on my seven years of experience in retail, for four of which I was a manager at Pier 1 Imports.  I laughed my ass off for ten minutes and then, I fumed.  So, Wal-Mart's out, Dollar General is out...all the other crap jobs are held by high schoolers, whom were in elementary when I was in hs...
Moral of the story, I suck.

I can say this, however: I have gotten a lot out of the time I spent without a second job and without looking for one.
1. I have written over 100,000 words and started over thirty writing projects, three of which are complete, two are near the revision stage.
2. I have started blogging, where I try and keep my complaining to the weather and reading related trials and tribulations, but I couldn't help myself today.
3. Due to part one of #2, I have learned so much about the process from idea to publication, that my head is literally swollen with information and advice.  I am about to release the pressure onto a series of Word documents.
4. I have been able to chillax a lot and clear my head, assuming I pushed the empty wallet out of my mind
5. Epiphanies have been increasing in frequency and, therefore, my writing is becoming more profound and well-rounded.
6. I am finally excited, ecstatic, and über pumped about something: writing!  

After years of indifference and excuses, I have settled, no, not settled, I have found the thing for me!  I may not be a talented or a properly educated writer, but I have a damn good imagination, one that will get me far.  I am milking that baby like a heifer from Wisconsin and she is giving me the goods.  We've got at least ten more years on us, which is like fifty in human years, right?

So, new moral of the story: don't suck anymore.

Of course, I will still be looking for another job, to please my bank and wallet.  The majority of my energy and time will be spent on making up for my affinity for typos and using commas around because (I have no idea why I do that, bad me).

Okay, wow, sorry for that pile on, but my brain feels so much better.  Damn Maggie Steifvater and Shiver, she got me all worked up and now I'm on a role.  Thank goodness I am currently reading The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, which gives me a -12 ass, since that's how many times I have laughed it off.  Oh, and I am only on page thirty-five.

Here's a puppy picture for those that keep coming here for them.  We only have six left, three went home yesterday.
Never mind, the camera batteries keep dying and we are out of new ones...yay.

I am putting this puppy pic from earlier up, but it is sideways, I cannot get it to turn, don't ask, it's the best I got. ;)

Jan 21, 2010

Shiver - finally finished

I cannot believe I am about to tell you this, but...this book made me ball like a heartbroken sucker.

I was determined to not care for this book, and at first, I didn't.  The first two hundred pages went by slowly.  It wasn't as though I had to work for the book, but my reading didn't flow, like it usually does.  I sort of staggered through the pages, not even ending a session of reading along the parameters of chapters.  I would just set the book down and let it sit for twelve hours.

I may not have consumed the first half of the book, but the middle was like a meal I never wanted to end.  The action picked up and the incline of the plot drove me crazy.  This all came crashing down on me as I read the last fifty pages in a flurry, demanding to know the end, yet never really wanting to get there.

Maggie made me do something I don't like to do: care.

I did not expect her writing to be so powerful.  Not only is it forceful and cohesive, it is intimate and gentle.  She touches on all the right things and you feel whole afterward.

The ending of the book didn't surprise me, but it turned me into a Greek fountain pouring from the eyes, and that's impressive to me.

Edit: 1-22-2010
I forgot to mention that as I was reading the book, I thought the blue ink was pretentious. In fact, it drove me crazy for a bit, but as I logged in to my blog to write my thoughts on the book, my black and white 'portrait' was staring back at me.  Now who's pretentious?

Damn, now I have to wait for this:
 July 20...

I entered Steph Bowe's Win a Paranormal Book Pack contest, you should too, even if it lessens my chances.  See, I can be nice.  Her blog is super neat-o, anyway, so head on over there.

Jan 20, 2010

My most anticipated titles of 2010.

(out of shear boredom, needing to keep track, and wanting to show formatting who's boss - not me apparently)

The Hunger Games Book Three (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins
August 24  
I have seen The Victors listed as the title, but is this confirmed?  I am assuming not since neither Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads have it listed as such.  I mean, who isn't anticipating this book?!  Only fools.  I bet the president has a copy frickin' preordered.  Katniss will choose Gale, Peeta and Haymitch will die.

2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green, David Levithan
April 2
I am so excited for another John Green novel, I just cannot contain myself!  Add David Levithan and the combo is like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, my favorite in so many ways.  This is sure to be on the top until...July.

3. The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner #2) by James Dashner
The Maze Runner blew my mind.  The second installment is sure to create more questions, but I hope a few get answered too, otherwise, I just may perish.  RIP (insert lovable character's name that dies, but I don't want to spoil anything for those that haven't read the first book.)

4. The Line by Teri Hall

March 3
I have to admit, I am usually incredulous when it comes to debut novels, but between the cover and the amazing press this book has been getting since way into last year, I am considering it not only a sure thing, but one of my must-haves.

5. The Kane Chronicles, Book One by Rick Riordan
May 4
Okay, so I hate the cover...but I didn't particularly care for the Percy Jackson and the Olympians covers either.  Oh, and we all know it's what lies inside that really matters and if this series is half as good as PJ&O, then it'll be amazing.  It's a sure hit, especially coming off the movie release of The Lightning Thief.

6. Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
July 20
The cover is amazing and, well, so was Linger, so this is sure to be a pleaser.  I have to stop myself from calling this series, "Twilight with a good editing job."  I will.  Hopefully this book will sell it.  And, I likey me some werewolves.  Sorry, had to.

7. Saving Maddie by Varian Johnson

March 9
Promise not to laugh?  Promise?  I have Madeline picked out as a girl's name and obviously Maddie for short.  When I saw the title and that is by Varian Johnson, I immediately said, "I want."  Bad me, though.  I haven't even read the synopsis.

8. Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld
Scott and I go way back, okay, well his books and I do.  At this time, I have not read Leviathan, since it has been on hold at the public library since it was published, but I have heard enough good things about the first book that I am sure to like the second.  Also, the cover is sure to be gorgeous.

9. Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore
A) I love Kristen Cashore.  B) I really liked Bitterblue in Graceling, I cannot wait to see her as an Elizabeth, or will she be a Victoria?  C) I love Kristen Cashore

10. Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick
I have also been on hold at the PL for Hush, Hush.  Not only does the book look promising, the cover is powerful.  Book two will be a sure thing.