Mar 16, 2012

Stand Against Bullying

Sheri Larsen invited a slew of us to collectively write about the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (Australia*). Here's a great resource:

Were you bullied as a child?

Of course you were. We all were.

I was the target for many people. I was poor, gay, skinny, clumsy, had weird hair, and wore glasses by the beginning of 9th grade. I figured it was all okay though. My teachers did not seem to care. My gym teacher certainly didn't care that I was periodically pantsed on the soccer field. Or if he did, he never spoke up about it. 

I was okay with being bullied.

Here's the thing: bullying is not okay! We as adults have a responsibility to be aware of what is going on around us. With the advent of cyber-bullying, it is harder than ever for us to know what is happening to the kids around us.

It's easy for adults to talk to kids about sports and good grades, but do not forget the importance of bringing up bullying. You could prevent bullying from happening on both ends.

Check out posts from some writer friends:

* This post is just another way in which I live vicariously through the Australians.

Mar 13, 2012

Pulling Some Plugs

I have a lot of things to figure out right now (internally and externally).

I'll be very distant as I complete several obligations to school and crit partners, help with renovations at the house, and go for runs in this beautiful weather.

Have a great March and beyond! Miss me or something.

Mar 8, 2012

I am afraid of myself

I have always been in the space between cynical and overly enthusiastic. It gets me in trouble sometimes. Why can't I just chose a side? Why can't I be genuinely engrossed in every paranormal romance that comes out? It'd be even easier if I could just denounce the entire genre and hate anyone who reads it.

I wish I preferred apathy, and didn't click 'like' on every damn image that tickles/inspires/motivates/kicks me. I wish apathy didn't piss me off so much. Who the eff cares that Heidi and Seal split up? Shit. I do. Who the eff cares that a warlord is making news this week and a Western produced video on the subject has gone viral? Who the eff cares that today is International Women's Day? I effing care! I care for my future daughters. I care for my sisters and nieces. I care for my Sisters.

I care for my future sons.

In case you're keeping track, I had to search and replace four f-bombs by now. I can't very well write the way I talk, that would be a career-killer. And my minor is communications/public speaking. I'd better get a tailor-made vernacular real quick, lest I get thrown out of a high school. I mean, my blog looks like the cover of a picture book, for Pete's sake.

I am sick of feeling disingenuous. I want to write a really great freaking book and defend every f-word until I die. I want readers to defend me too. I want them to defend the book, the setting, and the characters.

I do not want to be controversial, but it's in my nature to think differently than most people. That's pretty damn obvious.

But why do I pin, tweet, and facebook like everyone else? Why do I laugh hysterically at shit like this?

Where has my integrity gone? Did I ever have any? Do WE have any left?

Crap. I am about to go all Holden Caulfield on you.

I am not real. I am a goddamn phony. Just like the rest of em.

I'm so effing convoluted.

Mar 7, 2012

You Recommend: Autobiographies Written for Children

I need you to recommend autobiographies written for children. Not only am I hoping to draw inspiration from your suggested titles, but I will be analyzing one for a project. So, what do you recommend?

EDIT: your suggestions can be anything from books for young children to young adult lit, and an autobiography or a memoir.

Below: me, sometime in the late 80's

Mar 2, 2012

Gay Parents in YA

I am very excited to tell you that Kris Asselin and I are taking our ongoing research of gay parents in children's lit to a whole new level! Instead of writing my version of our recruiting post, I am going to paste Kris's below because I like it so much.

In August 2011, Jonathon Arnston and I (Kris) were debating the lack of gay families represented in Kid Lit. 

We did some research, read some books, and sponsored a series on our blogs. (Click on my link at the top of my banner for the series from last summer).

This year, we’re doing it again. Bigger, Better, and More Organized. We’d also like to focus it exclusively on YA. And we’d love to include our favorite bloggers and writers.


Can you commit to reading at least one YA book featuring (in some fashion) a gay parent or guardian? We’d love the book to have been published in the last five years.

Can you commit to a post (or two or three) in May 2012?

If you want to participate, leave your name and contact information below and one of us will get back to you with details.

If you already committed at Kris's blog, there is no need to do so here too. For those who are curious, check out Kris's consolidated post from the last series.