Sep 16, 2010

From the Mind of Jonathon Arntson: free writing piece #2

Click image to enlarge

And if you missed it, the first in the "series".


  1. Hahaha! I love the twisty language. It's like total mind games between man and cloud. Well done, guy.

  2. You have a real talent for arranging text with art. I've worked in the poster and card industry for years, and trust me, there are not many people who can make these kinds of arrangements well. Kudos. Stay in school. Smile.

  3. I heart your blog! That's why I gave it an award over on my site. Go Jon!

    Check In To The ROUS Motel!

  4. Oh, well done! Love this, Jon. Splendid short and the art is perfect.

  5. Christine - Thanks!

    M - ♥

    Carol - Ooo, mind games, I like the sound of that.

    Shannon - Thanks! It was a painstaking process.

    Anita - Thanks. I thoroughly enjoy the process. I go into a zone and then when I am done, it's like I wake up. You always make me smile.

    Kris - Sweet!

    VR - Thanks for the support, I have a few more waiting in the wings.

  6. This is the best! And I love the artwork! You are so talented!

  7. I love the blue streaks. (And the words, of course!!) :)