Feb 19, 2011

Time-Wasters for Writers: the senses edition

                  s o u n d

               t o u c h

   t a s t e

  s m e l l (well, it'll make your nostrils flare)

                  i see dead people


  1. OMG, those tattoos. What are people thinking?

    I loved the melody maker.

  2. Oh thanks a LOT for the SMELL button.

  3. Thanks, now I spend twenty useless minutes on the smell button, still nothing in my nose.

    These are truly great. Awesome.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  4. OMG! The tattoo horrors! (that beret turned elf hat *dies*)

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend...and feeling better.

  5. OMG - I wasted so much time on the red dot that I forgot how I got there & why I was there & sent it to one of my nieces who will love it & in my email to her I signed it, for no real reason, Robert Ernest Guthrie III, my full name, so also for no real reason, I posted a link to the Guthrie castle in Guthrie Scotland, although I have no idea if in fact we are the same Guthrie, but what the hell it's a castle with my name, so why not look at it - I actually went there in college to see my roots, though they very well could be apocryphal - so I had to find the link which meant I had to explore the castle on-line & then send it to my niece & then decided that I'm exhausted and my partner had already fallen asleep, so I thought I'd join and after a few minutes I realized that I was in the middle of checking out your webpage and I hadn't commented, so here I am.

    Um, thanks for the time wasting. The red dot... And I thought the music was cool.

  6. OMG 2 - so I sent you the above comment, and, writing it, I got to thinking about Scotland again, so I checked out the university I wanted to go to as an undergrad, but my parents wouldn't let go overseas, and tonight I learned they have a cool, low-residence grad degree in the divinity school that would fit with Our Spirit... Now I'm hyper and pumped for Scotland... Sleep. I should sleep. TIME-WASTERS FOR WRITERS... Goal achieved.

  7. Ah, I knew I shouldn't click on I SEE DEAD PEOPLE first, but I still did it ... curiosity killed the cat!

  8. Not looking...the other comments seemed like warnings. :)