Oct 5, 2011

So, like, um...

I meant for October the be the month where I finally energized my blog and regained the presence I once had in the blogosphere. So much for that endeavor! As I prepare for nanowrimo and mid-terms, I lose hope that I will be able to turn my blog back into what it was in the glory days.

I should say that I do not lament any part of my journey. In fact, I feel extremely comfortable with where I am today. That, I feel, is part of the problem. I have stopped pushing myself.

In the coming weeks, I have several book reviews to post, all of books written by friends. It will be a week of praise! After that, I will start making goals and confessions about nano. Plan to be surprised. That makes no sense...lol. Oh, and tomorrow is my day to post for the blog chain - there's another great topic this time around.

Okay, I have spent enough time away from my speech. I must go finish writing it - I present tomorrow morning!


  1. Jon, you are going to school, working, and a gazillion other things. It's okay for blogging to take a back seat right now. :-)

  2. Good luck with all you're doing. And remember to be gentle with yourself when push comes to harder push.

  3. I've been crazy busy too. Next week we skype and outline!

  4. Dude! I so understand you!!!!!!!!!!!!! And um, NaNo confessions - awesome!

  5. Like Christine: Looking forward to the confessions!

  6. Good luck with Nano--I give anyone who even thinks about it a ton of credit. I could never. :)