Nov 21, 2011

Goals and/or The Beginning

1. Become a One Hit Wonder. *rumbo yo chaaange, rumbo yo chaaange*

2. Find a nice blazer, brown mohair perhaps, that makes me feel good.

3. Design a house.

4. Become a destination.

5. Never buy another bottled water.

6. Visit Stonehenge for the second time and change my mind about it.

7. Wear a pair of legit cowboy boots.

8. Order a coffee without feeling self-conscious (seriously, this happens).

9. Payback those to whom I owe mullah.

10. Shake hands with Neil Gaiman.

There ya have ten goals off the top of my head. You may notice none of them directly relate to me as a writer, I did not intend for that to happen, but am I glad it did. I am a writer, yes, but I am not Jonathon Arntson: Writer.

I am Jonathon Arntson: A Million Other Things.

Try it, it feels liberating.


  1. Number two makes me think that you are channeling Pete today. I would say that you are envious of him and his blazer, but really, who on this earth would want to be in his shoes, the poor guy. :)

    It's probably easier to dream up and write about a good quality blazer than to find one in real life. Maybe.

    re:#7--I've been thinking about cowboy boots as well. And then when I was in Richmond, Erica was sporting a kick-ass pair of red ones. That's so bad ass!!

    #10--Yes please.

    #8--I've already resigned myself to not being able to do this. But I fault the establishments, not me. I always start with a "if I like this kind of coffee, what should I buy here?" Not that I ever really buy coffee. Which is probably the problem. I'm rusty. I own a keurig.

    Some of my top ten are secrets. Shhhh. :) LOL

  2. 6. Visit Stonehenge for the second time and change my mind about it.


    This fascinates me.

  3. I was wondering about the Stonehenge thing as well!

  4. Oh! I hate ordering coffee! Good goals. Cowboy boots...the real ones...very comfy. Joel also has a cowboy hat, which he would wear constantly, if we'd let him.

  5. Great point about where writing fits in our definition of who we are.

  6. Delighted with fact that they are not writing related, I think most of mine would have been. :0(

  7. I'm very good with all these goals. Especially #5 (but I live in the Great Lakes region, so things aren't the same everywhere as they are here...).

  8. Heather - If I write up my dream blazer, the shopping for one will be even more difficult!

    Marisa - I'll write a post about it one day. Surprisingly, my visit has caused a lot of inner turmoil these last ten years.

    Kelly - See above :)

    Anita - I get so nervous! Like, what's this and what's that. I usually just get a frap or dark roast.

    Natalie - Thanks!

    Carole - I am surprised they are not...

    Erica - I'm right across the Lake from you! We can do it.