Dec 6, 2011

Things I Dearly Miss From My Childhood - Part I

Making historically inaccurate dioramas out of food and kitty litter.

"Ooo wee ooo killer tofu!"

Disliking the taste of bleu cheese.

Skinny Topanga

Waiting for the bus, jumping on the trampoline with my friends, and listening to "Red Red Wine".

Candy cigarettes, swings, and gravel playscapes.

The time before I realized how effed up it would all turn out.

Mayflies surrounding the tent.

Drowning Polly Pockets.

Not knowing the definition of 'lament'.

Singing alto

Wanting to be an architect.

Orange pop

Ping pong, without it being beer pong.

Arcade prizes

Brady Bunch marathons on Nick at Nite.

The frickin' nineteen nineties, which includes Y2K prep.


  1. Skinny Topanga????? Meanie.

    Also, DUDE, Red Red Wine. I <3 that song. haha. also, UB40 was my first concert back in the early 90s :)

  2. A few years ago the kids took some Polly Pockets on a hike. We went by a man (or perhaps woman) made waterfall. I told the kids the waterfall was like Niagra Falls to the Polly Pockets. The PPs promptly went over the falls and were never seen again. Alas.

    So, I really like your list. :)

  3. Oh my...such a stroll down memory lane. Great post Jonathan.

  4. Is it wrong that I miss grunge? Nothing like wearing pretty dresses with combat boots!

  5. THANK YOU - I'm thinking I need to do my first diorama in decades!

  6. Ha! I miss the nineties, too, although I'm older than you so I'm sure my experience of it was different. I still laugh when I think of the Y2K insanity.

  7. I miss the nineties so much. Everything was better then.