Feb 7, 2011

Monday Meeting: uh...

Hey guys. Normally, I'd outline my week for you, but I was up much of the night attempting to recover from a killer stomachache/nausea that was brought on by the smorgasbord of savory and sweet food from watching the Superbowl. Plus, this morning was spent digging the snowmobile out from four feet of snow. It got stuck across our property on Wednesday because the Snowpocalypse gave us dry, powdery snow which we are not used to here. I am so tired, I am not even editing this post <---consider that a post-disclaimer rather than an excuse.

Thanks for your rocking comments on my post from Thursday. I was totally nervous to post that excerpt from The Second Person Experiment. I should have known that you guys are so awesome and would've seen the good in it. Thanks!

Did you have a great Superbowl Sunday? What's on your agenda for the week?


  1. Man, I hope you're feeling better today!

  2. Feel better, Jon!
    Just plugging along with our mg and pb ideas.

  3. Well, from here in Wisconsin, the Superbowl was all kinds of awesome!

    This week I "plan" to get through chapter 13 - exactly halfway - on my latest revision.
    Which is the same exact plan as last week, which was a bust due to Snowmageddon and a sick kid.

    Here's to "plans" vs "reality" and a more productive week!

  4. I did not eat enough peanut butter cups, so I bought more on Monday, and NOW I'm sick. :)

  5. ah, I'd gladly accept some occasional nausea if I could have a private snowmobile in my back yard :)

  6. I hope you're feeling 100% better! My week: being a mother and a part-time writer.

  7. Sorry you were sick--hope you're better. I love that the owl and Phil are on the outs. I'm feeling the same way. :) Tuesdays here are synonymous with snow. I hope you're all shoveled out, and that spring really is right around the corner. Maybe we'll all be pleasantly surprised!

  8. I'm a bit late so I'm really hoping that you're fully revived by now!

    Also, my husband did the same thing for the Super Bowl. I'm pretty sure he ate 2.5 tons of food, and that's why he was doubled over in pain Monday.