Jul 20, 2010

The guts for glory

Where are mine? I don't really know. 

I come up with these fantastic ideas, but the execution falls flat. It's like jumping off a cliff just to go splat. Am I not built for success?

It's not about depression. It's not about following your dreams.

It's about pushing your self. Finding your guts.

It may not be pretty or glamorous, but whoever said happiness is?

It's gritty. It's rough. It's rare.

I get temporary happiness from thunderstorms, like this one I caught a photo of on my phone last night at 9:00.

After the storm is gone, everything feels refreshed.


  1. Good metaphor. Just like storms. Process. Practice makes perfect. Execution takes a long time. With the downs come up and vice versa. Dead bunnies. You know. It's hard and then refreshed.

    Miss you.

  2. Hey Jon. I feel something burning in your words, it IS about pushing yourself. You are stronger than you think you are, you can do this. I KNOW YOU CAN. You don't fall flat, you are killing yourself with expectations you will never let yourself meet. I'm not saying that you can't meet them or exceed them, I know you can and you will. I'm saying that I don't think you are letting yourself feel that you are doing a lot of things right. A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT, YOU ARE DOING THAT.

    Seriously Jon, you are. Know that and that I'm here and i believe in you. :)

  3. Very cool photo.
    Come meet us at TPR now!

  4. Beautiful picture, Jon. And on your phone, too!

    I've been writing all my life. And when I go back and read the work from most of my past life, it makes me cringe.

    This year, I finally published my debut novel. I'm quite a bit older than you are. My age consists of two consecutive numbers -- and they're not 23 ... or 34 ... (cough, cough)

    It takes time, and life sometimes gets in the way. (I did no significant writing while my children were babies and toddlers.) I'm not saying that you have to get as old as I am before producing your first really good work -- I'm just saying that it is way too early for you to feel discouraged.

  5. Jonathon, you know I'm no expert on writing or the writing process, but I could never force myself to write anything. It'd feel too much like a school assignment, or a chore that needs to be completed. Writing works best for me when I'm upset or when I have a lot on my mind. I'm not sure if what you're describing is writer's block, but here's an idea. Did you keep a journal when you were in high school? If you did, I'd go back and re-read them. Maybe you can tap into that feeling. I know you have plenty to say, but maybe ease up on the pressure just a little. There's no teacher saying "this needs to be on my desk by Monday", you can do this in your own time, can't you? :)

  6. I'm right there with you... on pretty much everything, but especially storms. They are the best invention ever.

    After that cool stovetop whirly popcorn thing.

    Check Into The ROUS Motel!

  7. Great photo!!! (I hear the Lake is quite warm right now:-))

    And, ditto to what Tiny said in her comment, i.e. "execution takes a long time."

  8. It's all process and it's all good.

    Here's to the power of storms! They always leave us something new.

    Yes, as I type this I'm looking at the Pacific, gulls white in the gray and mist curling up the outline of Lummi Island... But I love and miss Lake Michigan. It sits there like a surprise saying "Whatever you think, I'm here, don't mess with me."

  9. You know what refreshes me? I take a notebook (I have a few really cool ones) and some good pens and I write a bunch of ideas down and work out scenes furiously and answer a whole bunch of what if questions and I just go and go and then I'm ready to write. I do this about once a week and it is awesome. Love it. Some day my notebooks will be worth billions. :)

  10. I always play guitar when I need one of those rare moments. :)

  11. Great picture. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's hard to have a job and write. I know. I struggle with it too.