Jul 8, 2010

Ten Great Songs for the Summertime

Watermelon + vodka + a good book + a mixed tape = a great summer day

Paper Planes - M.I.A
Summer Skin - Death Cab for Cutie
Sleeping In - The Postal Service
Strawberry Swing - Coldplay
No Rain - Blind Melon
My Girl - The Temptations
Daylight - Matt and Kim
In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry
My Lady - The Moody Blues
Myriad Harbour - The New Pornographers

Also, I clearly lied about the post-post for Anita. That will be tonight or next Tues.


  1. You had me at "watermelon + vodka"

  2. p.s. You're 24? We should make a team of youngsters writing for youngsters. I'm 21 :)

  3. Alex 1 - They are so sweet.
    2 - I think you're on to something...

    Lily - It was an easy sell, wasn't it?

  4. Anita - I know, but I had the past two days off and it just didn't make sense for me to get all dolled up. If I remember, I'll have someone snap the shot today and work and I'll post it tonight. Okay? Okay.

  5. Strawberry swing is one of my favorite Coldplay songs. I am anxiously awaiting your post post. :)

  6. OMG I loved Blind Melon ... so sad about Shannon Hoon.

  7. Dude, that video's a trip. Where do you find this stuff? I LOVE it. And we so need to get together and share some watermelon and vodka. Tell me you have plans to visit some grandma in Indy soon.

    And what's this about a post post? I'm so out of the loop. Must now go back and see what I missed. Or wait until tonight. Or hope my ESP kicks in.

  8. How could you lie to Anita? I thought that was impossible!

  9. OMG Jon--HOW was I not following your blog???? I swear I thought clicked follow forever ago. Major, Major #Shannonfail

    Anyway, um, corrected the problem now--I hope. And awesome list of songs!

  10. Thank you for helping me feel closer to cool - Deathcab for Cuties was formed here in Bellingham, WA. Not that I personally had anything to do with that, but still...

  11. M.I.A is great, yes!

    How about Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap? That is my super duper uper summer 2010 song.

  12. Nice! Love this post. Great songs my brutha-from-anutha-mutha ;)

  13. Some I know and love, the others I just added to my "songs to check out" list. Thanks.


    Also great list of songs, dude! I would add The XX to the list too cause they're on my playlist atm and make me feel summery. Don't know why.

    Also, I would join an younglings place thing (from up there I saw a suggestion)(I think)(It took me so long to get down here I'm not sure anymore)(sorry, Mia fail) cause a)I iz 19 and b) I act about 3 so c) even people younger than me treat me as a child ergo d)it should happen.

    *nods* :)

  15. why is Melissa Etheridge not on this list??? I thought we discussed this.