Jul 2, 2010

Consider this my Thursday post.

Hey guys, uber-busy, as per the uge. I'll do a post-post soon, for Anita. I'll also show you my classy work uniform, again, for Anita.

Do something for me though, check out my blog Know Diversity and read Dena Daw's guest post. She writes on a book about Asperger's and she melted my heart. After you check out the blog, email me if you feel inspired to explore a topic.

Also, my good friend Marisa is having a sale/contest on her blog and it's simply darling. Ch-ch-check it out. Yo.

And of course you've signed up for WriteOnCon, so there's no need for me to tell you to do so. I'll tell you to add me as a friend there instead. I am not sure what that does, but whatevs.

FYI/FYE, I always comment on your comments, if you come back, one will be waiting J


  1. I think you are the only friend I would allow to get away with using the word 'uge' without completely making fun of you. Lucky you :)

    Also, I don't know how to add friends, but I'll figure it out!

  2. Look at this. Just look at this. You've got people telling you you're cute on Twitter, and people telling you they love you on your blog!

    Clearly I'd been missing out!

    Also it seems you like Beastie Boys which is a plus in my book any day.

  3. T - I hate that phrase, but I love you, so I'll let it go.

    M - See above.

    Anita - Finally! I have been in love with you since you used PMM's blog as a catalyst to get my comments working.

    Sierra - Wow. Awesomest comment EVER!

  4. I signed up for WriteOnCon, too. I'll see you there.

    I'll check out those links.

  5. Um, ok, so NOW I'm registered for WriteOnCon. Well then. Not like I needed reminded or anything.

    Um, you're a little late on your Thursday post. Just sayin.

    Off to go check out Dena. It's nearly 1 AM. I have to be up in 4 hours. And I'm still doing stuff for you. See how much I love you? <3 <3

  6. Medeia - I'll look for you in the listings! Thanks for the link compliance!

    Carol - Um...excuse me. I'd call it a paying back a favor. Uhuh.

  7. Now, I'm going to be busy with the kids in the next week or so...puleeze give me notice when the uniform photo goes up. This is a special request, I know. :)

  8. You always have awesome links.

  9. Hey Jon. Thanks for all the info. Great stuff. Can't wait for WriteOnCon!!