Jan 24, 2011

Monday Meeting: To Each His Own

Last week was a minor success with the biking, writing, and schooling. This week will be equally as busy, except I have a day off (today)! Yay. Here's the sched:

Monday - Write 1000 words, bike 30 mins, write a rough draft for a Comp paper, work on what Robert mentions here, and do something fun for myself (I'm thinking I'll be color for an hour)

Tuesday - Write 250, class 11-9 (utilize the two one-hour breaks of the day to eat, complete a homework assignment, and catch up on emails. (I should also attempt to socialize with some folks who are the same age as me, no offense, readers)), walk the dogs, host TPR 10-11!

Wednesday - Write 500, walk dogs, work 4:30-9:30

Thursday - Write 250, class 11-5 (use the hour break to do one homework assignment), bike 30, chillax and watch a film

Friday - Write 500, bike 30, work 4:30-9:30

Skype: I am skypable Monday - anytime, Wednesday until 3, and Friday until 3. Email or text me if there's a time there that works for you!

The healthy eating lagged last week. I need to get back on track.

I went sledding on Saturday and it was frigid. Flying down suicide hill, the snow hit my face like tiny little daggers and the sting lasted for minutes. The snow froze to my face and glasses! And yet it was an amazing day of fun and activity. Did you know that physical activity makes you way happier than sitting on the couch? Who knew?

In September of 2009, I stopped watching TV - except baseball and Project Runway. It was when I realized the only life I was living was through fictional characters on television shows (Greys/Bros and Siss) and unreal reality stars (The Hills) that I decided to cut my ties with TV. Then along came Fluffy (my laptop) and now I am living vicariously through my online friends. While life looks pretty sweet from Elana and Carol's POV, I think I owe it to the likes of them to find my own. 

And no, I am not signing off for another two month hiatus. I am searching for a way to be active online AND have my own life. I know it can be done. Paul Greci does it. Anna Staniszewski does it. Ali Cross, Christine Fonseca, Anita Laydon Miller, and sooooo many of you live. It's awesome to watch. Keep showing me how to live and I'll follow in your footsteps as best I can, but not too close.

It's time to join the crowd.

After sledding, my pants were frozen stiff.


  1. Wow you are sure bundled up! It's awesome you have your writing planned out. I seriously need to get a short list of agents to query my PB manuscript before Marisa beats me with it. I keep promising myself I will, but then I seriously don't want to draft the query letter. I think I'm just avoiding the inevitable rejection. And I hate writing form letters. BAH! TV has solved my TV watching (or should I say DVR'd show watching) since all of my favs are done for either the season or until the spring, so there's nothing to tempt me on TV other than crap I don't want to see!

  2. WOOT! Definitely come join! I tend to be the obsessive type too - which is why I completely turn off the computer for 24 hours. Yep, that's right one day a week nothing gets turned on - not the computer, not the iPad. The phone is on, but no emailing, texting or nothing (just emergencies).
    Once I started that routine, things fell into a much better balance for me.
    Maybe something like that can work for you :D

  3. Jon, you make me laugh. Love the snowy pic of you. And that your comment of hanging out of people your own age :).
    I need to make daily goals sheet. I make a weekly list right now....
    We should Skype on Wed early afternoon!

  4. Wow. That really is a busy schedule. I'm glad you are trying to manage everything and still eek out a little blog time. :-)

    Love the picture!!

  5. This is hilarious! I've also given up most TV...I always ask myself, "Do you want to be entertained, or do you want to be the entertainer?" The answer is not always the same. And you must share the exploits you have with the kids your age! And my life mostly happens in a van...not that much fun (though there's usually music and food mixed in).

    Have a great week!

  6. Ha! Look at you! I love it! And YES, living is where it's AT, my friend! :D You can do it. I *know* you can. I'm gonna *try* for TPR tomorrow night. I'm really kinda unsure what it is and stuff, but I'm not going to let fear keep me from checking it out this week. Yeah!

  7. Hooray for sledding! Sounds like a total blast. :)

    And hooray for being determined to get out there and participate in real life, too. Virtual living is fun (reading, writing, TV, social media) but nothing beats the sensory experience of being there in the middle of things. Plus, it gives you more stuff to blog about. ;)

  8. You look so cold! Yay to sledding. I have been skiing non-stop lately. No time for blogging or TV watching.

  9. Sledding... life... you're on it! Congrats for a successful week. Cool meetings, btw, much to talk about.

  10. Sounds like you have a great week planned. I can't believe you were sledding on Saturday. So cold here in Michigan. I'm impressed.

  11. You are my online love, just so you know ;)

    It looks to me like you're doing a pretty good job of living, hon. Sledding is awesome! Look how cute you look all bundled up, too, covered in snow.

    You know, I don't watch TV either. Mainly because I don't have time! But I think it's a good goal: LIVE. It's amazing how many people...don't. They just exist. I say you're headed in the right direction with your goals, in which all roads seem to lead to a life well lived.

    Let's take up skiing with Tina Laurel. I've never done it, but she seems to like it loads!



    Tell nobody... (also, hooray for outdoors activities! but dude it looks freeezing).

  13. Why is sledding so much fun? Except when you fly off a jump and land on your tailbone of course! and writing is good - but getting outside and having fun can help our writing and our happiness a lot!

  14. What a great picture! And I can't believe you don't watch TV. It's like my security blanket.