Jan 20, 2011

Sweating the Small Stuff

On Wednesday, I accidentally left my cell phone at home when I went to work. For an hour, it drove me crazy. I could not be reached by my friends and writing partners and family and not even people I don't know. Then, I started to feel this strange sense of relief and I realized there is something good about not having your cell phone on you at all times.

I never take my cell phone on runs with me, I leave it in the car or at my friend's house. That's about the only time I am without it. And during my runs and walks and hikes, I celebrate the disconnected feeling I have.

When I was at work, I was able to bring forth that feeling of detachment and conquer the day. It felt good, until I got home and had seven voicemails and fifteen text messages. I spent thirty minutes just responding, but that's thirty minutes I spent being more productive at work. Other than for emergency use, I think I am going to temporarily adopt a no cell phone policy. This does not mean you should avoid texting me, in fact, I have my phone number listed under my contact info if you ever have the urge to call or text. I'd love to hear from you! It may take me an hour or so to respond now.

The title of this post alludes to more. I purchased a package of Peanut M&Ms from the vending machine earlier and I put in my dollar and the little spring thing turned, but stopped just before my package of candy fell. Um, excuse me. I shrugged and put in another dollar. I got my M&Ms and walked away happy. Then, two hours later, I went to another vending machine and put in some quarters for a bag of cracked pepper and sea salt Dirty Potato Chips and again, the machine jipped me! I was not happy, not happy at all. But I was on my way to class and all my change was gone and ugh. So I spent $1 on $3 worth of stuff.

And here I sit, before my next class, starving and thirsty and in serious need of caffeine and all I have is a Canadian quarter. I want to freak out, but I am going to calm down and get over it.

Or will I?

YAY, as I was writing this post, my BFF, who was on the other side of campus, came to my rescue with a dollar and two shiny, non-Canadian quarters!

I am savoring this sip of Wild Cherry Pepsi because starting next week, I'll be pop-free.

OH! Tonight, 10 pm ET: T P R


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  2. Kristen said...
    Hey there,

    I think that you hit on something very important in this post. Actually it kinda freaked me out because it goes along with the post I just put up on my blog. Letting go of control. We try to plan our minutes down to the last second, carrying phones,etc. And when the universe takes our $3 and only gives us $1 worth of stuff it SUCKS...but there's always a reason. Your friend came and helped you out which is awesome and you saw the beauty in going sans tracking device for the day. Awesome post :)

    Sorry about deleting the post above, but I had a major typo. Speaking of control issues...Blogger really should find a way to add an editing function to comments *snort*.

    Heart you!

  3. Mmm. Wild Cherry Pepsi. Sounds delicious. :)

    I applaud your new cell phone policy. Really liberating to be out reach, isn't it?

  4. I hate cell phones. I just got an iPhone today, because Oldest Daughter pretty much only answers texts. I was like five minutes late getting home from something today and Husband called me on the iPhone. I hate cell phones (except I like their emergency capabilities).

  5. I only use my cell phone sparingly too.
    Good luck on your pop free goal. I love my Coca Cola. I only have about 3-4 a week, but man I so look forward to them!
    And yay for BFF saviors! :)

  6. Peanut M&M's, like Snickers, are health food. Nuts, dairy... The universe should never mess with a person's peanut M&M's.

  7. I just started the pop free thing too, Jon! So far... it's been a bitch. I did find that buying some seltzer and some torani flavored syrups helps quell the craving with less calories and no caffeine.... I've decided that's the way to do it, slowly wean myself away.

    Good Luck!

  8. There is something so lovely about unplugging, even if it's just for a little while. Every year I take a vacation to Mexico and I don't bring my phone or computer with me, and while I hate it -- HATE IT -- at first, by the end of the week I'm so relaxed I'm a puddle. And then when I get home, I find I totally don't want to check my emails or anything, and the thought of having to do it fills me with dread. That should tell me something!

    Good luck with being pop free!

  9. Such GREAT thoughts, you! It's soooo hard to "let go" but once you do it feels good (and the universe will reward you for it--see?)!

  10. Sometimes I feel such freedom when I realize I don't have my phone. *sigh*

  11. Cool post, Jon. Sometimes the small stuff looks pretty big, depending on the situation. Your perspective is a good reminder to just chill.

    And, I'm totally in Robert's boat, the universe should not mess with a person's peanut m&m's!

  12. Man, I'm glad you got your drink!

    AND OH MY HECK, I MISSED TPR. I am made of fail. I was on the computer, watching American Idol. Freakin' freaker. SORRY.

    And I would die without my phone for an hour. Seriously. Glad you found it freeing, but yeah.

  13. It's crazy how connected we are to our gadgets! It's good to unplug now and then, even if it's just from our cells.

    I need to check out TPR. Obviously.

  14. I always freak when I forget my phone. Which is so stupid. I didn't even have my first cell phone until like a year into my marriage. But I'm so used to be connected now. I was at the store the other day ticked off because I forgot my phone. It didn't even occur to me there might be an emergency. I was thinking, what if my husband needs to call me because we need peanut butter? Or MILK! I DON'T KNOW IF WE NEED MILK!

    Peanut butter M&Ms are the most delicious kind of M&M. But I prefer Coke Zero over Wild Cherry Pepsi because it means I can eat more sugar in other things, like peanut butter M&Ms. I'm sorry you spent $2 too much. That's major suckage. On the bright side, well. Huh.

    Maybe sometime you will end up with two packages of peanut butter M&Ms for the price of one. Then all will be even and well with the world. When that happens, call me so I know.