Jan 5, 2011

WOW. How has it been a year already?

I started blogging a year ago. Whoa.

Time flies when you're having fun. And when you're not. Either way, I am just checking in to update you on my resolution. I am in $27 since I didn't really write on Saturday and Sunday. Scratch that, I did write on Sat! I just remembered. Okay, so I am $26 in. Not bad, not bad.

The overriding goal for the month, per Heather, is to track my writing in a small planner. This will reveal my writing process and hopefully I can start milking the weeks I tend to write well, and ease back on the weeks I do not. It's a win-win. Less frustration and self-deprecation, and more prolific results. I'm a big kid now!

I need to work on writing dialogue. I suck at it. I tend to get caught up in the conversation and I do a really poor job of relating it back to the reader. By the time I try, I have forgotten every eye brow lift and half smile.

Check out Christine Fonseca's unique and benevolent take on Resolution 2011.

Currently listening to "Sprawl II" by Arcade Fire. Their 2010 album Suburbs is one of the best of the year.

Short, sweet post today. I am off to write!


  1. I wonder if I should try that. I could use a reason to ease off the self-deprecation:) I've missed you. *kisses*

  2. Yea for WRITING! (and thanks for the shout-out) Congrats on the blogging - you have done a great job Jon. I am looking forward to connecting more this year too.

  3. Hurray for one year of the awesomeness that is Jon's blog! Love your commitment to our writing. Now get to it, chap!

  4. I think the best way to write good dialogue is to find some you like (you probably have some books lying around with good dialogue) and mimic it. Read the good stuff RIGHT BEFORE you write yours.

    Congrats on the year!

  5. Good luck with your writing, Jon. Dialogue can be tricky. Have you tried saying it aloud? Sometimes that helps me to see if it sound 'real' or not. Good luck, again!

  6. Good tips from, Anita! Very intrigued about Cristine's take on R2011. And my thoughts when you wrote about dialogue is it is much better to capture the convo - eyebrow raising and what not are for revision. Nobody writes a perfect first draft. Anita's trick is good too I think!

  7. Well, think of your slips as advances in philanthropy!

  8. Yay for working on dialogue. And I'm enjoying the calendar thingy too. It's good. Off to check out Christine's link...