Mar 16, 2011

In a Hurry!

Why is it that when we have the least amount of time, we have the most to say.

Whew, Monday was AWESOME.

Yesterday was...long. Class 11-9, blech. But yeah, school is amazing right now. And my writing is progressing whole levels just from the papers I have been writing for my classes, which, with the exception of one, have nothing to do with writing.

Today, work and working on one paper, a really big and scary paper.

Tomorrow, class 11-5. Then I am watching Slumdog Millionaire for my next film class paper.

Friday, skyping with Kelly Polark as we get or work-in-progress, Sasquatch Eleanor, back on track. Also, a huge, major, frawesome (HINT: that's a hint) contest starts on Fri. Make sure you're here to enter.

We know Carol is having a good week, how's yours going? (And seriously, it's like all my writing circles are having successes this week. Hopefully I can share some of those things with you soon.)


  1. You mean you can watch Slumdog Millionaire and call it homework? Nice.

    Can't wait to find out what this frawesome contest is. I hope it involves Sasquatch. :)

  2. Whoa. You and Kelly are writing a book together? That is so freaking cool.

  3. Slumdog Millionaire! <3! Jealous that that movie is your homework. I wish I was you!

  4. Yay for awesomeness! And I really can't wait to read more of Sasquatch Eleanor. :)

  5. So nice to read the HAPPY here! I love it! *singing* (can you hear me singing? Kind of a la Dragontales. Don't ask me how I know that)

  6. I really liked Slumdog Millionaire even though it is depressing. Enjoy the Skype. How awesome.

  7. I need to see Slumdog. I can't believe I haven't yet.
    I'm writing some SE tonight. And whenever I come to your blog, the Sasquatch on top makes me smile every time!
    See you Friday!

  8. How awesome you get to see Slumdog Millionaire as homework! I tool a film class in college, and may have considered it for a career if my class hadn't been at 8 in the morning. Something about that early time made me lose interest :P

    I'm glad your week is going well! I've been busy, but it's been a crazy happy week, in part because of you.

    I'm totally curious about Friday! You texted me with your crypticosis email, and now I'm waiting to hear back, mister!

  9. Dude, cool new header! And yay for good weeks and fun things. :)