Mar 2, 2011

Sibling Rivalries

Alright (or all right?),

My friends and family do not understand this one bit, and neither do I: I cannot write authentic and genuine sibling relationships. It's bizarre, especially since I have such illustrious sibling relationships myself. "Pull from your own life," one friend said. Yeah, well, duh. But it's harder than you think. I have some sort of sharing blockage (me? I know.), and it's hurting my writing.

Solution time!

I am taking three stars who I adore, and who share a slight resemblance, and making them sisters. Meet the McGowan sisters:

Emily, the wunderkind of the family. She has been succeeding at life since the beginning. She is, however, single and bitter about it.

Katy, the middle child, the wild child, the spends-one-forth-of-her-year-in-Cabo-always-will-be-single-child,

Zooey , the sweet and  innocent (and often absurdly quirky) baby of the family. Little does the family know, she is about to bring a baby of her own into the world, out of (gasp!) wedlock.

Now let's see what happens to these lovely ladies as they:

fight over the same man
face financial crises
lose a beloved family member
battle addictions
condemn cliches
(feel free to add to the list, I'll write about yours eventually)

This post is dedicated the to star-loving Roecker sisters, whose book The Liar Society came out yesterday. Congrats, ladies!


  1. Emily wins in this trio for me :)

  2. Excellent idea!! PS-I love your new look =)

  3. How cool that, writing, we get to create our own world.

    And I'm realizing that all of my main characters are only children.

  4. Great idea. I've never tried to write a sibling rivalry, but I imagine I'd have just as tough a time. My sister and I generally got along so no pulling from real life for me. You'll have to let us know how this works.

    Oh, and to add to your list: fight for their parents' approval and affection.

  5. P.S. I guess I never scrolled down far enough, but I love your Please Come Again banner. The deer head coming out of the O is great. You're really good at this stuff.

  6. If you really want to write authentic and genuine sibling relationships...I bet you can. You just don't want to.

  7. Laughing about Robert's only child comment. Love the creativity that you always spurt here.

  8. Love your new look. And can't wait to read The Liar's Society. BTW, I'll be Casey McCormick's blog partner as of Monday. We're announcing then. Hope you'll come visit.

  9. I also have great sibling relationships...cannot imagine fighting over the same guy as all three of we girls have SUCH different brothers have awesome wives and I love them material for writing from my that good or bad? Love the boobs on the first photo.

  10. I'm glad Katy looks like that with no makeup on. So do I.
    There are so many ways to go with sibling relationships. Great topic to explore.

  11. Are these real people?? I posted a story about my rivalry with my sister a few days ago. Broke two toes even through the water...

    Liars Society? Awesome.

  12. Cool blog header, Jon!! I think this is a great idea for helping develop character relationships. :-)

  13. Oooh, love the whole sibling rivalry. And that pic of Katy Perry. Ha!

  14. Dang, that's a brilliant idea! I already love these sisters. Also, let's make this into a movie. You already know who should play the parts. And this is totally a movie I'd go watch.

  15. There are so many interesting stories that can be made from these three.