Mar 28, 2011


On spring break and it's a whopping thirty degrees. #springbreakinmichiganfail

I took the last few days and had fun. Driving back home tonight, and then back to the grindstone tomorrow (homework, cleaning, and writing).

I think I find a way to get back into writing accountability (since hemorrhaging $$$ toward my charity hasn't been motivating me). Visiting with my hometown besties this weekend made me realize they are the perfect readers for me since they continuously asked about my writing and dreams and hopes and yeah. One of the friends is a copy editor/news-writer and the other is a Kindle toting YA and fresh adult fiction fanatic. How perfect is that? And the funniest part of all of this is I never thought of asking them before this weekend.

When you're looking for an outside perspective on your writing, do not look so far away. And I think it's important to have IRL friends reading your writing.

The news writer friend made the best comment ever after I said my CP's tell me I go on rants. She said, "Yeah, I remember that from high school. If you paid attention to the first sentence, you'd be able to follow along. But by the end, Jon was ten feet from the original topic." Talk about a freaking epiphany!!!

Let's see how long this mode of motivation pans out.


  1. Nice blue over here! And I love epiphanies (and your friend sounds smart). All motivation pans out one way or another.

  2. 30 degrees on spring break? Yikes!

    Glad you found some friends who can be helpful readers. My first reader is my sister. She's a bookstore manager so she reads a ton, especially YA. I don't necessarily need a critique of the writing or my word choice that early on, so she's great about looking at the big picture.

  3. UGH, I know. I'm so sick of Michigan cold. Can't believe, I looked this morning and it was 18 degrees down here.

    So glad you found some awesome readers ;o) I have my lil sis read mine too and I have 1 IRL writer friend. It's good to get out of the chair once in a while ;o)

    Here's to it getting warmer SOON!

  4. Brrr! That's too cold for Spring Break. Glad you found some fantastic readers, at least! :)

  5. I love finding new motivation--and how lucky are you with friends like that??? I'm lucky if my IRL friends read at all, much less YA. Sigh. Though I have turned my husband into a YA junkie, so that's been fun :) And now he has a basis for when he reads for me.

  6. (Also, by IRL friends I meant my non-writing IRL friends :)

  7. he he he the rant comment from your friend made ma laugh :)))

  8. What luck to have such friends handy! And hotter days are ahead, right?!

  9. I'm a fan of the rants. The take us to all sorts of new places...

  10. The good thing about it being so cold is you can stay indoors and write.

    I love going home because I get certain things there that I can't anywhere else. Not just food; but reconnecting with family and friends.

  11. Such a beautiful epiphany. And useful, too. Now you have some new readers out of it. They sound perfect for the job.

    P.S. Rants are lovely. Don't ever give them up.

    I'm on spring break now. It's been great! But I'm also working at night, so, no sleep. Oh well.