Jun 15, 2011


Hey guys, I have been getting massive page views by the hour that are linked to some of my followers' posts. I read at another writer's blog that she has a virus that is causing this. I am not sure how any of this is working, but I am running anti-virus software as I type this. Also, I am going to take a week off or so. 

I've actually been planning this unplug. I am happy to report that this unplug is not the result of being overwhelmed. It is more a proactive step, since I have some major assignments coming up and lots and lots of research to do. And everyone should take time away from technology every once in a while.

Another reason for the unplug is because I'd like to spend more time on my two MG projects: SASQUATCH ELEANOR and WESTON GETS HIS WISE. I have been smacked in the head by several breakthroughs, but am I struggling to make them happen in text. We'll see what this week does for me.

Also, I am reading Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner. It is exquisitely written and the characters are described in rich, purposeful detail. I even like the bad guy. I'd ask what book you're enjoying...but I won't be here for a week to see your answers.


  1. Have a great week. And everytime I hear about people's stats, I wonder if I'm supposed to be checking ours. Then again, that's what I have Christy for (she's a numbers person). :)

  2. Congrats on the unluggage. On behalf of Sasquatch and Eleanor, I say "thank you."

  3. Good luck getting your work done. And I loved Nightshade City.

  4. I'm sorry you're blog is getting attacked.

    I'll miss you on your break. You're not going to believe this but my copy of Nightshade City just came TODAY!

  5. Love your description of that book.

  6. Sometimes my best ideas come when I've unplugged from all of this technology. Good luck getting all that work done!