Jun 6, 2011


Kris Asselin (yes, one of the winners of the question contest!) was selected at random to win a signed copy of Possession, by Elana Johnson. The book is officially released tomorrow, but has already been spotting in bookstores across the US!

Congrats Kris and happy book birthday tomorrow Elana!!!


  1. Thank you Jon! And now I'm in the enviable position of figuring out what to do with the copy of POSSESSION that came in today's mail from Amazon. I think I'll donate it to my library. And a double thanks to you (again) and Elana for answering my question last week. I'm still fascinated about marketing (both organic/Author driven and publisher sponsored).

  2. Yay! Huge congrats Elana. Now I know what I'm going to get myself for an early birthday present tomorrow!

  3. FOR THE LOVE OF PETE. :) Yay for Kris!! I am so excited for Elana and can't wait to hold a copy in my hands tomorrow. I've been waiting SO PATIENTLY. LOL.

  4. Congrats to Kris! And Happy Book Birthday, POSSESSION!!!! :-)