Jun 18, 2011

UPDATES Virus Gone and 1,000 New Words

Judging by the graph of pageviews, I think it's safe to say the virus is gone. My anti-virus software said it was a tracking something or other. I hope you have de-virused as well!
150 page views in one day = not normal. 20 in one day = normal.
Also, because of my "unpluggage", I have added 1,000 new words to various works. It doesn't seem like much when it's spread among four projects, but adding it up makes me feel pretty good about myself.

When I am not writing and researching, I am diligently working and reading more of the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Nightshade City, by Hilary Wagner (<---she makes an awesome facebook friend)


  1. You talking about this makes me realize that I need to unplug the p.c. today and dust out the inside (been several months).

  2. I had the same issue I had just assumed it was blogger gone bazerko again but I wiped my hard drive because my antivirus software didn't pick anything up and since then my pageviews have gone back to normal so I guess I had it too although not sure. I have seen posts on several other blogs but you were the only one that mentioned the virus we should start spreading the word because otherwise we'll just keep passing this thing around to each other.

  3. Yea to writing more! I'm trying to do the same. And I loved Nightshade City. Enjoy it.

  4. A thousand words is a thousand more than you had before! Definitely something to be proud of. I enjoyed Nightshade City as well. What a fun book!

  5. Yay, 1,000 words! That's looking on the bright side of a virus.