Mar 18, 2010


Lot's of coolness today:

where in the blogosphere is Jon?!
(They made me the chosen one)
(I like it)

Tomorrow, Casey McCormick is allotting us a post to tell about how WIBIJ?! came to be, go read at Literary Ramblestomorrow.

W.I.B.I.J.?! is a game - a scavenger hunt, WhereintheWorldisCarmenSandiego kinda thing.
W.I.B.I.J.?! is a community - a resource for writers new and old, published or not.
W.I.B.I.J.?! is an opportunity - agents, publishers, writers can all participate in the game and comments.  There's even an awards ceremony.
W.I.B.I.J.?! is a project - a feat of collaboration.
Read this clue for a taste of WIBIJ?! and follow to an auxiliary post on W.I.B.I.J.?!

She starts each week at the beginning
with a planning Monday Meeting.
Returns on Friday with a Feature
of an up and coming writerly creature.
She's a blogging inspiration
and a coworker sensation.
Many want to catch her,
But to me she's ever a blur!

Okay, off you go to the next post!  Follow the clue.


  1. Okay, love that video. The forward way I was thinking, enough already, lets get on with it. But backwards was all excitement!!!

    And coolness. Go WIBIJ! You are the biz.

  2. I saw that video-- it is so cool! Off to read Casey's blog now!

  3. Jon--I have to say that I got shivers from the video. It was fantastically done.

  4. Yes, they are very successful with this video! DK makes come of my favorite books ever like, TAKE ME BACK and CASTLES.

  5. Awesome video!
    Woo hoo WIBIJ!

    I will woo hoo for you guys on Literary Rambles too!

  6. Awesome. Totally.

    WIBIJ? sounds like loads of fun! :-)

  7. I don't have time to play today :( Stupid midterms.

  8. I went there, and I hate to admit it because I like to think of myself as intelligent and smart and savvy, but I couldn't figure out what to do next. I'm sitting on the WIBIJ and just...yeah. So maybe email me so I can seem smarter than I really am? Okay. Okay.

  9. Thanks Kelly!

    Shannon - It is total fun, no matter how you get involved.

  10. Mariah - Sorry to confuse you, it was just a mini game today.

  11. Kate - I know!

    Elana - Sending an email soon!

  12. Already been there! But Now I'm heading over to Casey's. :)

  13. I love that video. It's absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing it!