Mar 4, 2010

Thesaurus Thursday and Goals: Revisited: kinda

Lazily expanding my vocabulary one commenter's synonym at a time...


Easy Street, accomplishment, achievement,advance, arrival, ascendancy, attainment, bed of roses, benefit, big hit, boom, clover,consummation, do well, eminence, fame, flying colors, fortune, fruition, gain, good luck, good times, grand slam, gravy train, happiness, happy days, hit, killing, lap of luxury, laugher, maturation, profit, progress, prosperity,realization, reward, savvy, sensation, snap,strike, successfulness, triumph, victory, walkaway, walkover, win, ├ęclat


900 words.
10,000 words.
100,000 words.


revelation + epiphany - action = ?
revelation + epiphany + action = luck?
revelation + epiphany + action + luck = success

IS that the secret formula? I've had my fair share of epiphanitastic events in my life. No revelations as far as I'm aware. Well, there was that one time. I am a procrastinator. It's in my blood. It's in my being. I have no luck. I once won $2 on a scratch-off lotto ticket when I was like 12. My uncle bought it for me.

epiphany + 1(revelation) - action - luck = 0

Today, I'm taking action.

Does anyone take everything out of context as bad as I do?

I have to be modest since others can't.


  1. I think success is hard work + being at the right place at the right time (which includes networking and knowing where to be!).
    Your puppy is adorable! I love when dogs sleep like that!

  2. Gift + willingness to learn + learning + willingness to work + working + persistence (rinse and repeat) = success.

    I think that Persistence KO's Luck every time.

    See how well I unplug?

  3. Kelly - Good point...I'll try that too.

    HK - Persistance...I like the way that sounds.

  4. Whoa! That was quite a post. I think my head hurts - it felt a little too much like math. *breathes into paper bag*

    You rock! And to people who rock, comes success! :-)

  5. I take everything out of context. It's who I am.

    Success? Well, that's subjective. My sister is very lucky, wins everything, always has, but has a crappy life. I can't win a cake walk but I'm relatively content. Hey, I'm a writer doing what I love. On the other hand, I'm a writer, so angst is me.

    Success can be all the things you mention, but for those of us who can't rely on luck, the most important variable in the equation is tenacity. I'd like to think talent figures in there, but I'm not sure it always does. Talent = bonus points.

    It's true if you believe you're a success, you've convinced the only one who matters. Unfortunately, this doesn't work for cynics.

  6. Geez, sorry, I really need to lighten up...

  7. I read an interesting study on Luck. We're all faced with the same odds. Lucky people just step up and take the chance.
    So start taking the chances. You win some, you lose some, but at least you're playing the game!
    (I've been coaching myself on this same issue, can you tell?)

  8. Oh, there's definitely an element of luck involved in success. But behind that luck comes years and years and tears and tears of hard work.

  9. Shannon - That's the closest to math you'll eve see here @ Jons Life. I just really love the look of the plus symbol.

    VR - I agree on your points. I don't find them depressing, just straight-forward.

  10. December - Thanks for making me not feel alone!

    Elana - Got it. *sulking in corner*

    *sucking on thumb*

  11. I think your blog is a success. Which is why I just gave you an award on my blog

  12. LOL! Man, puppies are cute.

    This is beyond cheesy, but I think success is whatever you make it. If success is getting out of bed on a bad day, than that's what it is.

  13. Holy Wow. My brain kinda hurt after I finished reading this post. But then I read the comments and I'm just totally bowled over with amazing inspiration. I think it's what December and Natalie said. But I also think everyone is right too.

    So yeah. Bella is a doll. Can I have her? I need to snuggle a puppy right NOW. ♥

  14. Nat - Cheesy, yes, but I really like it!

    Ali - Thanks for the input...the math was so not mathy.

    Belle is mine, hands off. (It's distinctly Belle, btw from my favorite Disney movie.)

  15. Haha, that math was still a little too mathy for me. But then my brain is in a Nyquil fog, so that might be why. I hope that's why.

    For me, success is hitting your goal, no matter how big or small, and being able to cross it off your list of things to do before you kick the bucket.

    Right now, my goal is to be on the NYT best seller's list for 6 weeks in a row, so I don't really consider myself successful yet. Especially considering I haven't even finished writing my first book yet... :D Hmmm... perhaps I need to reevaluate my goal...

  16. Mariah - Ah, yes, Felix takes six months to brew, however, I believe I could just bust out a novel in the same time. Besides, the side-effects could be bad.

    Marisa - I believe that's a good view on success, but you don't have to have just one goal! You can have tons. NYT is a long-term goal, see you there!

  17. Haha, I know. At the top of my list right now I have 'empty the dishwasher.' As I HATE emptying the dishwasher with all my heart, I'll consider myself VERY successful when I finish.

    And then, of course, I'll consider my day successful when I stop reading blogs and write my 1000 words for the evening... Luckily that is a goal I know I'll hit! Yay, success!

    *logging off internet now*

  18. I like the cliche about luck coming to those who are prepared. (Though writing that seemed schoolmarmish...)

    Felix Felicis... it's powerful to go through life as if we've had some. Sometimes "as if" is good enough.