Mar 17, 2010

(I'm back) (kinda)

My unpluggage officially ended last night at 12:01.  I went to several of my favorite blogs and commented.  There're a few things I forgot about blogging: 1. It's a bit of a chore when you're tired.  2. I hate comment moderation, when you're in the grove it's not so annoying, but last night it sure was.  3. Bloggers are awesome: you go away for a week and you come back to the coolest posts and the best comments that you may have taken for granted otherwise.

I like the Blogosphere.

I am temporarily going into Every-Other-Mode, meaning I will be posting every other day.  This is in effect as I try and catch up on all the stuff I was supposed to do during my unpluggage, but I was busy travelling and getting drunk, and I bought a new computer, so I had to set that all up.  Anyway, I have a few successes to report
1. I did not make it to ten thou, but close: 8,654.
2. I created a pretty blog button for a friend.
3. I purchased two writing aid books, more on Friday.
4. W.I.B.I.J.?! is catching on, more on that tomorrow.

I've missed you.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! YAY for hitting in the 8k range. : )

    We missed you too! Glad you're back!!!

    So glad you're back!
    And yay for a new round of W.I.B.I.J.!

  3. Welcome back. Yay - a new computer. But a pain to switch all the info over.

  4. YAY Jon! 86+k is quite a writing feat!! Congrats!!!

  5. I finally checked out your Goodreads profile am emailing you my title choice. Hope you like it! :-)

    P.S. I'm so glad you're back. I've missed your quirky sense of humor.

  6. Welcome back! It felt a little bit lonely without you here :)

    And well done with all that wordage (that's right I got that word from you)!

  7. Yay! Welcome back! I was less effective at procrastinating while you were gone.

  8. Missed you! It's been quiet without you. Don't worry, you didn't miss anything, nobody posted. We all sat around and moped.

    Maybe that was just me.

  9. Glad you had a good time -- and I'm so with you on comment verification. I'm posting about it on Friday. :)

    And you were missed too!

  10. This is your old computer. I am planning on haunting you in your sleep. How could you ever give me up for a skanky new model? And I bet she's female.

    P.S. Even in my discarded state, I'm going to keep visiting the blogs you follow. Anita Laydon Miller's is my favorite.

  11. Welcome back! Traveling and getting drunk and buying new computers rank pretty high up on my list of favorite things to do =)

  12. 8,654 is a lot of words!!!

    It's good to have you back :)

  13. Welcome back! Congrats on your word count...I don't think I could manage the "unplugged" thing.

  14. *breathes sigh of relief* I was going into Jon withdrawals.

  15. We missed you too.
    Speaking of drunkenness, SAMS: what is Jon's alcoholic drink of choice?
    Congrats on the 8,000+ words! Awesome!