Mar 9, 2010

Tubular Tuesday and the Goals of Unpluggage

I haven't been responding to every comment like I usually do, please forgive me. This week is critical mass here at Jon's Life. The secret project is being revealed (kinda), I am going unplugged on Friday, for five days. Believe it Anita, it's going to happen. I am buying a new computer...right before the unpluggage...INSANE, I know. But it'll be nice to get acclimated to the new comp during my time off, which is really only unpluggage from the internet, btw. I will be writing the whole time. Ten thou is the goal for the week. Uhuh, read it and weep with jealousy. I will also work on The Snowflake Method which I totally flaked out on, sorry guys. Bad me. So today, I'll outline my Unpluggage Goals. (Oh, the unpluggage focus is STEPBROTHERS.)
- Study plot mapping, in preparation for week long plot blitz at the end of March. That's right. Sound like a challenge? It so is.
- Finish character profile, step 3 of The Snowflake Method, for the two MC's.
- Tenthou. Yeah, baby!

Okay, that's it. Yell at me. Encourage me. Envy me. Do whatever you want, in three days, I'm outta here!

Oh, I started Watership Down, which has been labeled 'my favorite book' by far the most people during my classics research. One person disliked it so far, just one. I have forty-seven loves. I am interested to see what happens on the heels of The Catcher in the Rye.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!
Today's high is 48 degrees! That's twelve above average, I am so excited! The ground is about 75% covered with snow, I'm hoping by tonight it'll be 50%. All you Floridian, Arizonian, or Whereeveritswarmians, stop snickering.


  1. I am jealous of the Ten thou. Good luck with that! I can't wait to read what happens:)

  2. Christine - You and Crystal are def the top motivation for me to pump that out...I am going to have two chapters to share for our exchange next week.

  3. It's 71 DEGREES TODAY! *snicker snicker*

    Looking forward to 1 pm!

  4. You go unplugged better than I do, Jon. You plan it, outline goals for it, and let us all know in advance. I wake up one morning with the strong desire to hide under the bed, and, metaphorically, do -- disconnecting the internet without even e-mailing my mother to let her know why I've gone AWOL.

    Those are great goals! Good luck!

  5. You can do this Jon!!! Those are some amazing goals and I will hold you to them. Can't wait to see what all that unpluggage produces :) I am very curious about your opinion of Watership.

  6. Jon--Awesome goals. I'm going to continue my fake unplugging and go full force with my revisions. I might even unplug a little bit more. :) I don't think I actually read Watership Down. It's going on The List.

    Oh--and my goal for your unplugging week is to not send you a thousand email. Possibly do-able.

  7. Dena - I like 48 more than 71. Uhuh.

    Sarah - Well, the prep is to motivate me first and notify you second. If I publicize it, then I'll keep to it.

  8. Crystal - Neither can I!

    Heather - I'll be interested to see about the email situation too, but if you get a fab idea, don't hesitate. the unpluggage is not mean to tear-down any of my hard work.

  9. 10,000!! That's an awesome goal! I'm waving my pom-poms in your general direction.

    My word verification is "suckwan." *snicker*

  10. I'm not laughing. Our high today is only 10 degrees higher than you. I'm freezing my arse off over here!!! Ten thou. Shall I challenge you to a dual. I think I shall. Mua ha ha ha!

  11. Hope you enjoy your new book and your time off. It sounds like you have big plans to get a lot done during that time. Good luck!

  12. UnPLUGGED!!! Perish the thought. You canNOT be joining the crazies who think unplugging is a cool thing. It's not!


    But if you must? ssssssss
    I just might not be here for you when you get back. *crosses arms over chest and turns away. Hmmph.*

  13. Okay, McHotVoice revived me.

    Good luck with ten thou! I'll be rooting for you!

  14. Looking forward to the week long plot blitz!

  15. I'll believe it when I don't see it.

  16. Good goals for your unpluggage!
    I couldn't start Catching Fire as someone didn't return it to the library on time (I'm next), so I started Beautiful Creatures.
    I thought WIBIJ was today???

  17. Kelly- Here it is:

  18. Sweet! I had no idea it had its own blogspot!! Awesome!

  19. Unplugged -- don't think I could do it. Good luck, Jon!

  20. I bow to your 10k words. Superb goals! Outstanding! It's just that unpluggage sounds so painful. But then, I guess it is.

    Good luck!