Jun 29, 2010

Goals? What are those?

Super quick post today.

Here is this week's sched that I am setting for myself:
Work 11:30-7, run at 9:30pm, start exploring The snowflake Method starting at 10. Bed by 12.
The Practice Room 7:30am-8:30am-chat to follow, work 11:30-7, run at 9:30pm, homework all evening
TPR same time, work 11-6, run at 9:30pm, homework all evening
TPR same time, run mid-AM, WRITE MY ASS OF ALL DAY LONG, get a haircut, start filming next vlog.

In the in between times I intend to begin mastering the art of Swiss Cheese Scheduling.

Current song obsession:
"Twenty Two" Wakey!Wakey! feat. Theo Martins


  1. When I was in college I ran at night. I loved that release after a whole day of classes and studying.

  2. Dude - great music choice and I can't believe I missed your vlog!!! (going to go look.....)
    Great first vlog! More please.

  3. Wow. That's quite a schedule, Jon. I'm too tired at night to do anything that active.

    Loved the vlog!! :-)

  4. Oh, the joy of having goals! LOL. I wish you the best of luck with your very ambitious schedule! :-)

  5. Whoa. I am way too OUT OF THE LOOP and I DONT LIKE IT. Stop having a life without me. Argh. Gonna go check out TPR and your vlog. Sheesh.

  6. Cool schedule. Ambitious & good luck! For motivation, remember that amazing feeling we get when we do what we'd planned.

    I like the music. Random question: I have a "Romeo Shuffle" on iTunes that helps motivate me during for work on "Romeo, Romeo". Ditto on a "Lucky" shuffle. Any recommendations on music to add? Do you think "22" fits? Not exactly where Lucky starts but sounds like where he's going.

    Cool to see you on video. And THANK YOU for the Swiss cheese shout out!

  7. Good luck to you, Jon! Stay focused and squeeze in some fun in there. I'll try and catch the Thursday morning TPR with you!!

  8. I had no idea you were running...yay, you! I'd like to see a post-post...as in, did you stick with da program. You're inspiring me...though, I don't know if I've got the guts to post my goals online...some creep might ask me for a post-post.

  9. Yeah I totally forgot to tell you that I loved your vlog! It was so cool to see you for real! And that Belle is the cutest dog ever :)

    Look at you go with all those goals and such, I'm so proud!

  10. I'm a big fan of the Swiss Cheese Method - you may not see immediate progress but it all adds up. Good luck with your goals!

  11. I of course am in favor of most everything you do, especially those TPR sessions! Yay! Hope tonight's snowflake is successful.

  12. You run at night? I'd be too freaked out. And nice schedule. I'm still trying to figure one out since summer started. It's kinda crazy.

  13. Paul - Yes, the release is what it's all about.

    Christine - I do love that song, it has an original version too.

    Shannon - I am sometimes, but I go for the run and then I feel refreshed in the morning and it makes up for it.

    Lisa - Thanks! It doesn't really feel that ambitious when you are living it.

    Ali - I know. It's like we're separated by time dimensions and stuff. That makes no sense. Never mind.

    Robert -

  14. Oops
    Robert - I emailed some music rec's. They may seem odd, but they just happened to stand out to me.

    Kelly - Fun? What's that?

    Anita - I will def do a post-post. I think follow up is extremely important to someone's integrity.

    Crystal - Thanks! I am proud of me too :P

    Anna - Thanks for the words of encouragement. It's like a coin jar. It may take a while, but one day you'll have hundreds of dollars in there.

    Tina - LIKEWISE!

    Laura - I live in the middle of nowhere and run on my own property, so no neighbors to worry about, plus I am on the extreme edge of the EST, so it stays light enough until about 10:30 during the summer.

  15. I've been meaning to check out the "snowflake method" -- I think it might help organize the creative processes of my junior highers this fall (and probably my own as well).

  16. Cool schedule, J. Looks like you are getting everything in that you want to. And you just kept me from wimping out on my run today. Sigh. I really wanted to wimp out on it. Lacing up running shoes now... I'm getting more thinking about writing done than actual writing while I'm away, but I'll be back tonight super late.

  17. Dude, where do you find these hidden gems? I'm so astounded. Love this one!! I'm going to go download it now.

    And when did you start running? I run around 9:30 too!! It's like we're running together. AWEsome.

  18. PS. I love the books framing your blog, AND I love the mockingjay counter. :)

  19. i'm back on furlough, and lately my only goal has been to make it out of bed before noon. god i'm lazy.