Jan 30, 2011

Sunday/Monday Meeting: February Preview

The last few Monday Meeting posts have been all about the week and my goals and they were upbeat and you guys responded and I appreciate it! This week, I am wrapping up the best January I have ever had and outlining what will become the best February.

Resolution 2011 = $30 to the coffer. I slipped several times in the beginning, but I rallied in the second half of the month and I owe $28. I'll go with $30 because it'll be easier to add (I'm a writer, not a math wiz - don't judge me). If I stay on track, I won't owe anything in February, so I think I'll reward myself to a few days off of writing by the end of the month if that's the case. Is that the wrong frame of mind? Oh well. At least I'll owe more monies to the library fund! Oh, I should add that it's $30 because I started at a default of $25, so that means I went "five days" without writing this month. I hope that lessens the shock of the $30.

The (yet to be officially named) Great Big Collaboration Project is well underway, and I have my hands in on several projects. It feels good. Is it odd that the actual writing feels less rewarding than the conversations it takes to get to the writing? And again, is that the wrong frame of mind? Oh well. Stay tuned for MAJOR DETAILS and such.

If you read my last post, you know I am working on finding my place in our community. And I have not set any follower goals since last March, but I am setting one now: 500 followers by the end of the year. Now, 500 is not a large number by any means, but I feel that my blog will still be manageable at that point and I can continue to grow a relationship with each of my followers, just as I do now. The main reason for the goal is because it drives me to get out there and comment. In 2010, I had two two month periods where I lost followers. That's not gonna happen in 2011; I have to find a way to connect. I think that means I have to be to 300 by the end of Feb.

With that said, what ideas do you folks have about growing your blog? And no, I will not be doing a contest; I'm an intrinsic reward person (yeah, right). Elana Johnson and Tahereh.Mafi (among others) have several posts about growing a blog, I think I'll reflect on those and wrap in your thoughts from the comments here and blog about the growth as it happens. AKA I have a plan and it involves recognizing the new followers, as well as the old (totally an extrinsic reward).

Speaking of recognition, check out this post from Kris about ME! Kris is cool - he somehow finds a way to relate to everyone - an admirable skill.

Oh and yes, I mean to spell brr burr in my banner. It's how I say it, "b-b-b-b-uuuuu-rrrr". So *hmph* to you know who you are. If Punxsutawney Phil tells us Wednesday that spring is right around the corner, I'll debut a new word in the speech bubble.

Looking for one more way to get inside my head? Turn on Cage the Elephants and Beach House and you'll be right there with me.

Have a fantabulous week and thanks for reading to the end of this odd post. Apparently, I am wordy whether happy or sad. And yet, I feel like I forgot a billion things...

TPR schedule for me is Sunday night and Tuesday night at 10pm eastern!


  1. ...good for you, Jon, 500 followers...well within your grasp:)
    I agree, the upkeep can be difficult when gaining new friends, ever strengthening those lines of communication, but you'll do fine.
    And Cage the Elephants...love 'em.


  2. I'm still stuck on Passenger, but I love Beach House and will check out Cage the Elephants.

    Also, $30 oh that is a lot!! I have $3 in the pot, and I thought THAT was a lot to have already... but so glad you are optimistic about the next month's writing - I know you can do it! And I gave you homework, so that at least gets you one day of writing time :)

  3. Wordy? Not wordy. But the pathway to the fantastic mind of Jon Arntson.

  4. 500 followers is definitely within reach. You are extremely talented and I like reading your blog. Just a matter of getting people to notice how awesome it is :))

  5. I'm glad you edited your $30 because I thought, hey there were only 31 days in the new year so far!
    Definitely put yourself out there to build community, but don't sweat the number of followers. I remember when I was overjoyed to have twenty! Seriously!

  6. So glad to hear January has been a success! Actually, I've had a pretty darn productive month as well. Hopefully we can both keep riding the awesomeness wave of 2011!

  7. Dude, you are unique ~ you'll have no trouble attracting and keeping awesome followers, I'm sure of it!

    My suggestions would be to pick a schedule and be consistent. It's okay if you only post twice a week (or even once!), just so long as you do it regularly. I am committed to a M/W/F schedule. I never miss those days. I sometimes post extra, but never less. Since I've been faithful to that schedule, my followers have not only stuck around but stayed to comment, too, which is really nice :)

    Alex's blogfests have helped me increase my followers. The one in April (A-Z blogfest) promises to be EPIC!

    And, um. Visiting a ton of blogs? I'm terrible at that. I'm lucky if I get to my faves. But I *try*. That's probably why I'll never be in the super duper high numbers, but like I said .. I try.

    Good luck Jon! You can do this!

    (and hey, was that dig about me? ;) )

  8. Congrats on a great January!!
    Increasing followers...hmmm....I'm sort-of on the outside of that one. It's still on my list to add a follower button to my blog. I tried several months ago and it didn't work. I know other wordpress bloggers who have them...I'd say just be yourself--that's why I follow your blog--I like to hear what you have to say!

  9. You're almost too upbeat for me Jon. But I like you're style.