Jul 8, 2011

Friday Five <---I thought I railed against these...

1. I had a fun post planned in which I shared the barking sound the sand at the beach makes when you walk on it, but the video has no sound...

2. Work has been kicking my butt, but it has been a lot of fun! I am feeling less guilty about skipping my workouts and sleeping in.

3. I am on day two of three days off! Woohoo.

4. Beer.

5. I need a new phone and would love a white iPhone, but I am going to wait until the end of the summer and buy a phone with the money I have leftover after paying tuition for the fall. It's boring, but smart.

5.5 One of my favorite writing songs:


  1. Allegedly, the new iPhone 5 is coming out in the fall. The hubs is making me wait for it... (although it doesn't help my case that I drop my Dino-iPhone all the time when he's there to witness it).

    Enjoy your days off <3

  2. Hope you are having fun on your days off.
    I always have to make those boring and smart decisions but it is less stressful than making a more fun decision and being broke.

  3. I like both 4 and 5 a lot, for different reasons.

  4. At the beginning of every summer, I think "Ahh, three glorious months off. I'll get so much done." and about this time, I always think "Holy crap it's half over, time to get something done." and mid-August, I'm destined to think "Wow, I can't believe I have to go back to work and didn't get anything done."

    Oh, and I've lived my whole life in Wisconsin. Yeah, we know all about beer. :)

  5. Boring, but smart. This is awesome. Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. loved the song - the singer sounded a little like Jack Johnson.

  7. Enjoy the weekend and the beer, Jon!!! :)

  8. Ah, Beer. Heather said I should come visit and introduce myself. You have Beer in your post. She was right. I do like it here.

  9. *waving to Ansha*

    J--Ansha is a IRL writing friend. And you'd like her. There you go, you guys are friends. :)

    Here's hoping for another 3 days off soon!

  10. I LOVE that version of Heart it Races. I wrote one of my novels to that as well. Do you like it better than the Helsinki Architecture one?

  11. Beer. Enough said.

    Also, yay for days off :)

  12. Your three days off sound heavenly...and it's so cool that you appreciate them, savor them. Off to listen to song!