Jul 20, 2011


I'm torn between writing several posts that are at the front of my mind and working on a substantial paper for class. Of course I have to chose the latter, but the aforementioned posts will come about soon.

I appreciate you folks coming here and commenting. I am going back to the days when I responded to every comment in the comment section. And so I am giving the first commentor the opportunity to chose a topic. Ask or say anything you'd like and start the conversation! No pressure.

Also, I'll share the song that is playing right now...

Raise your hand if you were expecting the song to be from Tori Amos.


  1. Do you ever find the blogging/internet world to be overwhelming?! Along with trying to find an agent/publish a book, break into the free lance world and keep up with self-marketing..I find things to be overwhelming. How do you deal with it all? Suggestions?

  2. I like how you change up your header, Jon!
    I've cut down on blogging a lot due to feeling overwhelmed with everything. (answer to Jade's question)

  3. Jade - I constantly find my life overwhelming, and blogging is just a part of that. I am not very focused on getting published right now. I am more focused on finding out who I am as a writer. Next, I want to complete a few books. Then I will enter the query wars. It may not be a very forward thinking way to start a career, but I find most of my favorite author did not send out their first book at 25.

    Also, having great taste in music helps keep the stress down!

  4. Kelly - Thanks! Blogging is a good thing to cut down on when the rest of your life demands more time. We'll keep working on our book soon. It's clawing it's way outta me.

  5. Frankly, I was expecting the song to be this cello cover of Bad Romance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T29LC3aWagY

    This expectation was based solely on the fact that I have listened to it aprox. 389572905739 times this week and have projected my love for it out into the world in the form of VIBES OF RADICOOLNESS and surely you picked up on them and spazzed with love.

    But I see I was wrong. Ah, well.

  6. Yes, I was expecting Tori. I actually thought I was at Heather's blog instead of yours. :)

    I'm going to check out the cello cover of Bad Romance!

    I have recently cut back on blogging myself. Especially the reading of them - I get way more writing done. Cool post, J. Glad you are going back to commenting and I like your style of eliciting them!

  7. I hope your paper is going well. You should be so proud of yourself...you've come a long way, mister. I'll never forget that post when the old classmate pulled up at the gas station.

    I like Jade's question. Truthfully, I think an author can write an effing awesome book and it doesn't matter if he/she ever blogged/social networked if that book works. The problem is writing that strong of a book. Sigh.

  8. Speaking as someone who's, um, older than you - get that paper done. It's hard to combine writing with academics, but it can be done. And if you're still in school, I already see a commitment to it, which means you want to succeed. So do the paper.

    And I'm going to say something no one will like, least of all you, so I already feel bad about it. If you're overwhelmed - forget the blog for awhile. I mean it. Get done what needs to be done. Then - and only then - add things back in.

    I've had to do it a lot. And I'm a better person for it. So, well, what I have to say is - do what you have to do. From this post, I think you already know what that is.

  9. Marisa - Thanks for the link and the laugh! "Radicoolness" HAHA

    Tina - Tori always makes me think of Heather too. I have been trying to wean her off. Our superhero project has no Tori on the soundtrack. None.

  10. Anita - Haha, that was about a year ago, I think. And thanks for the perspective on how far I have come. If I had never started my blog, I might have more words on paper, but they'd be free of confidence.

    Robert - HAHA and thanks!

    Erica - No one I know would disagree with you on that one! I want to maintain my blog though because I like it and get a lot of satisfaction out of the conversations. I think I am at a good pace right now and the semester ends in a week.