Jul 25, 2011

X Marks the Spot: How to Unplug

Every one of us has proclaimed an unplug at some point in our blogging career. Whether it's for an hour, twenty-four hours, or a week, an unplug can be a great way to get back on task and accomplish something.

When I have done week long unplugs in the past, I end up posting. This is because my platform is too fun and I get too much enjoyment out of our virtual interactions. Ya know?

Why is it so hard to click the X in the corner and move onto another task? Why is it so easy to sit here for hours reading blogs, facebook posts, and tweets? Hm??

Think about the treasure behind that X. So many hours off the internet that can be spent writing, reading, and living.

Oh, but blogging is just so much fun! Ugh.

Somehow that close button is just as elusive as the X that marks a bountiful treasure. If you have the inkling to unplug, just do it and revel in the time you create for yourself. Make sure to meander around the skull-shaped cave opening.

Note: this is not me unplugging. I am only exploring the feelings behind the contemplation.


  1. I rarely unplug, because my blog is like my diary. Even though I don't often write about the personal stuff in my life, when I read an old post, I know what was happening in my personal life at the time.

    I don't like when you unplug. But I get it.

  2. I should unplug more to write, but when I unplug it is usually just because life is so busy!!

  3. I need to unplug more too. I sometimes wonder how much more free time I'd have if I didn't spend so much time on my computer.

  4. My husband and I - after about 15 years together - finally declared Tuesday "date night." Yes, we're old, so we're usually home by 9:00 bedtime (kidding, that's the kid's bedtime, not ours), but it gives me half a day every week completely unplugged (a full day during the school year) and it's good for me (and us).

    Enjoy your time! It passes too quickly as it is!

  5. Ha, this is such a cool post with the 'X' analogy. I can see the benefits of unplugging for a week every so often. Definitely!

  6. Anita - That's an interesting perspective. I wish I was able to hold in the personal stuff, I just can't.

    Kelly - Maybe that's part of the problem. Perhaps we need to unplug just to do it and not because we are feeling overwhelmed.

    Natalie - I often wonder the same thing, which is what lead me to write this post. I think I am afraid to actually time myself.

    Erica - Date night is a good idea. I used to do date days for myself and those were always nice days.

    Lyn - Thanks for catching the analogy. I struggled with it at first.

  7. Aside from posting, I've been skipping reading blogs for a couple weeks, and I'm amazed at home much extra time I have. Not that I plan to cut blog reading out entirely, but sometimes it's nice to remember that I have the time, I just need to make it! (Also, I think you should grow up to be a web designer. I love clicking on your blog in my Reader and seeing a new illustration.)

  8. Part of it is an age thing. I know I need to explore more blogs, but I HATE sitting at the computer. Seriously. I had to force myself to "work" for an hour on catching up with my blog reading.

  9. Tracey - I do the same thing, but then I feel bad that I am skipping people's words. And I feel like I am missing out. Ya know?

    Ms. Y - I get ya on that one, but even youngsters like me feel like we are wasting our time in the virtual world. Sometimes...

  10. I believe I'm the only one who never unplugged in the two years of blogging career and I post daily :) I was even blogging through my laptop when I was lying in a private hospital for some surgery last year :))

  11. DEZ - You're crazy dedicated! But it shows in the quality of your blog.