Sep 16, 2011

Blog Chain: A Dark and Stormy Night

It's my second time participating in the blog chain that Christine invited me to and this time she got to pick the topic! If I were you, I'd head to Christine's blog and check out all the awesome entries after reading mine. Of course, you could back track too and check the previous link on the chain from Sarah. Another way to keep on up the chain posts is to utilize the blog roll on the bottom of the left sidebar here at my blog. Someone posts every day.


Since we are all writers, I thought it was about time for us to stretch our creative muscles and do a little writing. So, take the following topic and go crazy! Show us what you've got. Your story can be as long or as short as you choice.
The topic: A dark and stormy night.
I decided to drag out something I wrote over a year ago that seems to fit the theme. The Storyteller and The Ghost was a brainstorming exercise, one that I have repeated several times, where the first line and the last line should line up. Enjoy an installment from my mini stories series!

Blogger's new image viewer is so annoying. I am sorry if you cannot read the story below even after enlarging it. I am working on a new version.

Click image to enlarge

I believe Shaun chooses next, so head to his blog tomorrow to see the new chain!


  1. The ghost in this cracks me up. He's definitely got spunk! Can't wait to read through the chain!

  2. Love the voice that goes back and forth between the two characters. Almost reminds me of the "Who's on First?" bit.

  3. Hah! What fun. I love the take you had on this, Jon.

  4. LOL okay, LOVE the ghost :D he had me laughing out loud :) Excellent use of the topic :D And love the background pic you had it on :)

  5. This is really fun. I love the back and forth. Great job!

  6. Heather - I like writing spunky characters!

    Michelle H - I need to look up "Who's on First".

    Sandra - Yeah, he's silly.

    Matt - Thanks, it worked out well to have already been inspired by that prompt a year ago.

    Michelle M - Thanks for the compliments! I like to make others laugh so I am glad that worked for you. The other compliment, the one about the background, makes me smile big!

    Eric - Thanks!

  7. Fun take on this topic! Great job! :)