Sep 14, 2011

Pictures of the Mackinac Bridge

I already have a million pictures of the bridge, but every time we head up to Mackinac I have to take a million more. Here are some pics I took with my iPhone over the course of the weekend.

From Wawatam Park in Mackinaw City

From the ferry (we beat that other ferry by minutes!)

From Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Bridge spans the Straits of Mackinac, which is the separation between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, to connect the Lower Peninsula with the UP.  It's 5 miles long long and green, with white towers. Needless to say, the bridge is an important icon to Michigan.

Interesting fact: In 1835, Michigan and Ohio went to war over the strip of land where Toledo stands. If you look at a map, Indiana's and Ohio's border with Michigan does not line up. President Andrew Jackson stepped in and Michigan conceded the land to Ohio. In return, we received the UP. The timber and copper found in the UP in the subsequent years has made Michigan more money than the cold rush made for California.

Michigan is a beautiful state. It sucks to know that most out-of-staters view us as unemployed hicks who are trying to invent the next great American car. Even without talking about industry, Michigan is still the 8th most populous state where natural beauty abounds and opportunities lie around every corner.


  1. I've been skiing in the UP. It's beautiful. I think it was called Blackjack Mountain, but I'm not sure. It was years ago.

  2. That is one cool bridge.
    And I don't think everyone thinks of MI in that way!
    My inlaws go to your area I think for blueberries or something in the summer. My mil and her friend said Ludington in a convo and I immediately thought of you!
    ANd the beautiful dunes!

  3. Awesome pics! I so wish I could pose in one of those with you. Some day, my friend. SOME. DAY.

  4. Michigan should be proud of you! You represent the state well. :)

  5. I celebrate your Michigan pride! In college I fantasized about a swimming fundraiser from Chicago across the lake to the Michigan shore. Yeah, kinda far, just dreams while driving late at night.

  6. Wonderful pictures. My dad lived in Grand Haven, MI when I was a teenager so I got to visit MI often and even worked there a couple summers at an ice cream store and a theater. It's a beautiful place.

  7. Matt - that's interesting, esp. since the rest of Michigan is so flat. I love the rolling hills of the UP!

    Kelly - I suppose you'd have to live here to hear the way the rest of the country speaks about it, lol. Blueberries sounds about right, they abound from every street corner.

    Elana - YES!

    Anita - :D

    Robert - It happens a few times a year. A woman just did that from our town to Wisconsin.

    Carrie - I love Grand Haven. That city knows what's up, for sure!