Sep 7, 2011

Check out this book trailer

I had a great post dedicated for today, but it needs more development. Instead, enjoy hump day by watching this one minute book trailer that is supremely awesome.


  1. Cool. Although the music got a bit overwhelming for me at the end--since I was thinking it was a aimed at the picture book crowd (i.e. relatively small children). Maybe I was wrong in my assumption.

  2. Okay. That was pretty rockin. Unconventional, but cool.

  3. Heather - My nephew who's 6 knows that song. :P

    Linda - I laughed out lout when I saw it.

    Matt - Unconventional draws me in, I suppose.

    Shannon - Tables turning!

  4. Loved it. Now I want to be a trailer maker. Forget writing. The whale is my fav.

  5. I absolutely LOVED that! I think the very ending was a bit loud and a little spooky...but maybe since it comes out on Halloween, it works.
    Thanks for sharing that!