Sep 27, 2011


It's running through my head like a hyperactive news ticker.


I am excited and scared.

A large part of me wants to work on the second person experiment, which now has a title! Speak for Yourself just isn't what I want to use a month of awesome writing for.

Another part of me wants to work on my autobiography, which I am developing as an assignment for my Michigan Lit class. My idea with this project is to write short stories and see how they come together. But...I don't want to use nano for this either.

My nano project is going to be Sasquatch Eleanor, a project Kelly and I have been chewing on for half a year. We have faced many setbacks between both our schedules. Writing a novel when the authors are a college student who works 50 hours a week and a mother who is moving and working is, like, impossible. It's kind of funny that we once thought we'd be edited all summer.

In all honesty, Sasquatch Eleanor is the perfect project for us. There's humor, drama, and summer camp (because that's a genre all its own). The love we have for this story premise is palpable for our crit partners. So are the pushes they have been giving us! With that said, I'd better get back to work on my outline so that Kelly and I will be rearing and ready to go come November.

Are you nanoing? If so, what are you working on? If not, what is your goal for November?


  1. Okay, this is freaky weird. I was just getting ready to write a nano post almost identical to yours (minus the ideas, cuz I was gonna interject with my own crazy ideas) but point of this comment and the post I'm gonna write is that I desperately want to do nano but I have a full time job, 4 college classes and I've started wedding planning and trying to workout for a big vacation. WHERE IN THE WORLD am I gonna come up with the time for nano. Its actually causing me anxiety. I love nano. Maybe I will settle for living vicariously through you?! Hope to hear more about your nano-ing!

  2. Hurray for Sasquatch Eleanor! I can't wait to read that story, which means . . . you'd better get writing!

    And yay for naming the experiment, too! You'be been busy!

    YES I'm NaNoing. Think I'm gonna work on a MG fantasy called Land Magic. We shall see!

  3. Dear Sasquatch Eleanor,

    I am so excited to see you! I hope you have a safe journey and that your companions (Jon and Kelly) don't get on your hairy nerves.


  4. Go Sasquatch Eleanor!
    I'm excited to see so many scenes fleshed out and how it ends!

  5. YAY! I'm glad you are doing something fun! Enjoy it, Jonny!

  6. I love NaNo! And I've never actually done it IN November. My general writing experience tends to be like NaNo, in that I write furiously for however long it takes to finish what I'm writing. Since I write primarily YA, that means my count evens out to this place where it generally takes me a month to do a (oh soooo messy) first draft. This summer I actually did NaNo summer camp and it was AWESOME.

    This November, as per the usual schedule, I'll be revising. I hope to have this YA fantasy I did during summer camp revised, sent to cps, and working on line edits so I can query (wah!) it.

  7. Chasing (what do I call you?) - I feel ya. I do not have to vacation or wedding to worry about, but we share the others. I think nano will be spectacular even if you write half your goal. Give yourself the opportunity to try it.

  8. Ali - I haven't really been that busy, actually. Things just came together. Congrats on hooking the Teen Eyes judges! I love the title Land Magic, btw.

    Anita - That was cute. And effective.

    Kelly - NO DOUBT!

  9. Marisa - I will!

    Alexandra - Having discipline puts you ahead of the game! I am doing nano because I do not write much otherwise and I annoy myself :P Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Sounds awesome that you too are going to work on it more in November. It is hard to write when you're busy with the rest of life. I've got to get writing too.

  11. I will do something. I'm not sure that it will be a novel, or a revision, or a half novel and revision. I can't resist nano.