Mar 31, 2010

Because I love you, I miss you, and I'm great at breaking promises + good newses.

Yes, newses.

Cool news: check out Tina's and Heather's reciprocal posts from today.  They call me ambitious, but they are totally Pinky and the Brain, minus the constant failure and creepiness.  You two, don't ask me to state who's who.  Tina is on the verge of what may become my biggest non-secret to success in my writing career.  Interested?  You should be.

Great news: totally got a job, kinda, I think.  It's at a gas station and will be so much fun.  yup.  Not.  But, it'll be more fun that being poor and will give me some street cred with my future YA readers.

Further explanation of why I've really broken my silence:

8:30pm EDIT:
I totally forgot, I joined Inkwell, which Casey McCormick posted about recently.  It's a site for writers, via the Ning network.  It's flashy and pretty, but more importantly is supportive of writers, since it's ran by writers, and it's growing, fast.  I am proud to say that I am the moderator of the All Things YA group, where we discuss, well, all things YA.  It's fun and fancy and an overall good time.  They also have an onsite chat.  Although it is currently underutilized, I'd love to see you guys there and we can chat it up!  Also, the site is for any type of writer and illustrators.  Head on over!

Oh, and I am bowing - I made it to 100 followers!!


  1. Welcome back!! So glad for you. :) :)

  2. YAY for you! I totally crossed my fingers for you. Totally. And also, if I were to ever make a music video, I only hope it can be as cool as that one. Because I <3 cardboard robots.

    And also ())

  3. Do you have a uniform? If so, must see it!

  4. Crystal - Thanks, it's just temporary though, the being back part. :(

    Marisa - Carboard robots are the shiz! I could feel your good luck vibes all the way frpm Texas.

    Mariah - MARIAH!!!

    Anita - As a matter of fact we do and they involve ( ))less chaps.

  5. Why o why did I watch that entire video?! Catchy tune. I think working at a gas station would be way cool. Keep a notepad handy and write down all the weird stuff people say.

  6. Hi and welcome back - do members of Inkwell get a discount if we pass by and fill up??? Hint , hint..

  7. Yay! We were all waiting for you to get this party started. Happy for you. Happy for the gas station. Happy for us!! And thanks for the mention. xo

  8. Congrats on the job! Congrats on the followers! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!

    You love us too much to stay away!

  9. MG - Yes, the tune is quite catchy. Notepad at the ready! It's keeping track of a pen that's difficult for me.

    Ann Marie - Discount granted! On wait, exactly, am I giving you a discount?

    Tina and Heather - Always.

  10. Yeah, 100 followers!
    I've missed that thread on inkwell, heading there now.

  11. 100 followers....SHOW OFF!!!!!!!!!

  12. terry - Yay!

    Dena - So not showing off! You meanie.

  13. OK, then you really, really have to post a photo.

  14. You're moderating! Yay! I'm pretty sure I joined that group. I'll have to stop by.