Jun 17, 2010

How to blog: post novelty

No, this is not a how-to-get-followers post and no this is not of high quality like Elana's series from a month ago.  It is simply some self-reflection.

Okay, now that everyone has runaway: 

When I started blogging in January, I came out of nowhere. Literally, I had rarely been online before then and a lot of people noticed my presence right away. I am not sure why or how, but I had a lot of fun back then. I was a novelty. A shiny new toy to play with who got fifty followers in three weeks. Then, it turned out I had responsibilities and bills to pay. My writing life flat-lined and I have been grasping at straws since, hoping I'll be able to breathe again. I think I have found new life with my latest WiP, which I am calling a DystUrban Fantasy. Catchy, huh? Okay, so I started a miniplotmapthing on a scrap piece of paper at work the other week and that's where I am: outlining. I have never really outlined before and many people say they hate it and just as many people swear by it. All I know is whatever I was doing before with STEPBROTHERS was not working. Maybe it was just life, but leaving that MS behind felt so good and working on this adventure is just awesome.

So now I am in this weird transitional time. Should I comment on everyone's blog so that I can start growing again? Should I just sit idle and let the blog carry itself? Should I lobby to be interviewed by someone? Ha. I don't know the answer and I am not even trying to figure it out. It'll just happen as it wishes.

One thing I do know is the support you folks have given me has been very powerful. You pushed me to start school and you pushed me to think highly of myself, even when I thought myself worthless. I will always remember that.

What I've been listening to:
"Dreams" The Cranberries


  1. What a cool post! You ask the tough questions. I tend to err on the side of writing and critiquing others work when I'm pressed for time. I think it was Julie Childs who said: "Everything in moderation. Even Moderation." I'm not sure if that quote fits here but it popped into my mind. Good luck with the new book!!!

  2. Very heartfelt post. Definitely your writing needs to come first. You can leave the blog here and always come back when you are ready to. Or post once a week. But your writing has to come before blogging! I'm sure you'll figure out a balance.

  3. :):):) Jon, you're just awesome, don't ever forget it. And I must admit I'm sad that Stepbrothers isn't going to see the light for a while, but I'm EXCITED that you are so pumped about your dysturban fantasty :) Urban fantasy is my favorite genre ever!!

    I must say that I always smile when I see you've stopped by my blog, not cause you're a shiny new fun crazy toy, but because you're my friend :) And it seems like when you're commenting things are going better for you, and I want you to be happy.

    I hereby claim the rights to the first JON ARNTSON interview, got that? Okay, tell me when you're ready :)

  4. Oh Jon,
    I think you do what you can handle. I have had to learn this the hard way and basically broke down. I would worry more about what makes you feel good and what responsibilites you have to conquer. Everyone has lives outside of blogging and if certain people don't understand that...well screw them. I've grown a lot since January and have had to create a schedule on blogging so I could get stuff done (including writing). I do love the blogoworld and everyone is super supportive. Everyone here has gotten me through things I can't even begin to tell you. I hope they will continue too as I will support them.
    So to sum it up. Do what you can...We will be here for ya. Do what makes you happy...because we will still support you. :)
    Hope that made sense.

  5. P.S. Don't ever think of yourself as worthless, you are a truly amazing person, YOU are, not your writing, your blogging, or anything else, just you.

    I'm always here friend, if needed :)

  6. Totally my favorite song and album by the Cranberries. :0)

  7. Hey there!

    So zen of you to just let things be. Perhaps it is just summer?

    Paul, love that quote. Julia is awesome.

    Crystal- Love your new photo!

  8. Jon, do what you need to do. Things can get hectic and crazy at times with everyone. Just make sure you pop in on your peeps every once in a while so we know how you are doing, but everyone understands that other things take priority over blogging.
    Good luck to you, Jon!

  9. Jon, just do what you can. I don't always get around to every blog I follow (and I feel guilty about it) but sometimes life/writing gets in the way.

  10. My oldest daughter almost died a couple days ago. She was at cross country practice, turning a corner on the sidewalk, and these two cars ran into each other and one got thrown onto the sidewalk, inches from daughter.

    Point: Life is short. Figure out what are the most important things to you and divvy up your short time accordingly.

  11. As a fellow dude who's spent way too much time mucking about growing his blog and Twitter network, and way too little time actually writing salable fiction, I say write first, blog later.

    Could just be my writer-guilt speaking, though. Take with a grain or six-hundred of salt.

  12. Hey kiddo, so excited for you and the new directions your life is taking. Good luck with it all.

  13. Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with your new manuscript. It's hard to let go of the old one sometimes. Tell me about it. Just do what's most important for you. I know I've got to cut down some blogging to have more time to write. It's easy to let the blogging take over.

  14. One of my favorite songs EVER. It will be on every playlist I ever have.

    P.S. I want to interview you. K? Agree already so I can send you questions.