Jun 22, 2010

Tell the Truth Tuesday: In Which I Discover This Fact: I am one dirty and lazy SOB.

1. I was supposed to go running after work yesterday. I postponed to this morning. Too lazy to go now. Postponing to tonight.

2. My stomach keeps grumbling, but I am too lazy to go get bread out of the freezer and let it thaw and then make toast.

3. My Twitter addiction is simmering down and I am starting to get into the flow of it. I like that you can step away for days and come back to find things are always the same, except the trending topics.

4. I went from two job to one on Friday and I am so excited I finally have time for homework. Like this time right now...

5. My room is totally the room of a teenage boy: clothes strewn everywhere, papers layering the floor, a broken light bulb that fell two months ago. I did clean my room last week, but it still needs improving. A lot of improving.

6. Um...I got in a car accident three years ago and I have yet to get the front right panel on my car fixed.

7. I have more pet-peeves than anyone you've ever met.

8. I have more opinions than anyone you've ever met. Yes. Even more than your MIL.

9. I am a pack-rat and have magazines and games from my teen years that I just can't part with. They may be useful one day and until I reach hoarder status they stay here with me.

10. This is gross, but I have gone a month without changing the sheets on my bed. Okay, I am seriously taking them off right now.

9:35PM EDIT:
I keep forgetting to tell you: Paul Greci has a tangible book giveaway that ends this week. Check it out.


  1. ha! I got you beat! I got in a car accident about 7 years ago and I still have yet to replace the front right panel of my car!

  2. Well....Jon....Change your sheets!

    And as for opinions...my husband is very opinionated. As a matter of fact, Everyone is entitled to HIS opinion.

    (Not that anyone really wants it, mind you!)


  3. Dude, fellow pack rats unite! My husband has to clean out everything and I simply have to go away while he does it. My thing is, "What if I neeeeed that someday?"

    So. Hard.

    Glad you'll have time for other things now. :)

  4. You say these things like they are bad. I'm very proud of my lazy slob status. And I rarely change my sheets on a monthly basis. They can go at least two months without washing. Just flip your pillow over every couple days.

  5. You tell the hard truths! Go, J. I don't think I can admit to mine.

  6. Hey at least you're honest.

    I'm a pack rat too - thank goodness for garages.

  7. My room is always a mess. I feel like I can't find anything if it's all "put away". However I feel like community rooms (bathroom, kitchen, livingroom...) must always be kept clean and can't stand that my room mate and sister can't remember to take their socks to their room after they take them off!!! Pet peve: I hate other peoples socks.

  8. Wow! Those are some big reveals!

    Hmmm ... well I still have some Christmas decorations up. But in my defense, they look pretty where they are.

    And I haven't put away the air mattress from when my brother visited in May. I figure, my sister is visiting in July, so why bother?

    I will change the sheets on it, though.

  9. Jon... OMG, you're human! Yay for that.

    I wonder if sheets divide people into the cleans and the casuals. I'm the latter. At Thanksgiving of my first year at boarding school, my mother asked how often I changed my sheets and I had no idea what she was talking about.

  10. LOL. The broken glass is bothering me more than the sheets. I'll be right over.

  11. Uh, that reminds me - I need to change MY sheets!

  12. I love honesty in posts. I guess we're all just human after all. :)

  13. Lol, especially the light bulb.

    I smashed the tail light cover on my truck four years ago. I put the pieces back together, and used clear packaging tape to keep it all together.

    Recently someone remarked that my tail light was broken. I thought maybe the tape had come off and I'd lost the pieces but when I checked it was still the red plastic mosiac I'd created.

    Gotta love that packaging tape.

  14. ONLY a month to change the sheets...so what...? Can you still identify the original colour of the material? If yes - no worries!

    PHEW JON - that was some personal stuff - you sound just like my 2 sons...are we related and I didn't know it?

  15. I think #1 is an important part of every author's life. I regularly half-ass workouts around my room using my chin up bar and my Swiss ball, but in reality it's just an excuse to take a break and watch 30 Rock while I hop around for 15 minutes.

  16. Good for you for coming clean! Pun intended. LOL. Thanks for the good laugh this morning, Jon!

  17. Ew. Get your lazy SOB self into the laundry room and wash your sheets, man.

  18. Hi, Jon! I'm so glad you found your award. I didn't make it over here in time to give you a heads-up. I knew as soon as I received the doggie award that you had to have it, too! :-)

    I e-mailed Dashner to give him a gentle reminder about your book. He feels terrible. He's been living a whirlwind life, with Maze being such a hit. We'll try the waiting game again. Hopefully it will arrive sooner rather than later. :-)

  19. Um, didn't you know you can put bread straight from the freezer into your toaster? Toasts up just fine. Seriously.

    And guess what? I'm okay with all that other stuff. :)