Jun 15, 2010

too much to say, as usual

I usually think of excellent posts when I am at work and never right them down and then sit here with nothing to say and tell you that at one point I did indeed have too much to say. So, I'll leave you with a few updates and we'll see if I can recapture my thoughts by Thursday's post.
A) I love asparagus, if you're not from Michigan, I guess you don't understand.
B) My walls have wallpaper from the seventies and it is a goldenrod color with orange flowers and weird green ivy.
C) My keyboarding class is going to give me carpal tunnel because my hands hurt so bad after just half an hour of lessons. That's how wrong I have been typing all these years.
D) My psych class is...yeah, I got an 85% on an assignment. A freaking B, I was so pissed. Guess I better try a lot harder this week.
E) How weird is it that I am psychotically busy all the time, yet I am perpetually bored? Is it all in my head? I think I need to adjust my thinking.

Also, Hank always has the best things to say:


  1. I LOVE asparagus, and I'm not from Michigan :) Have you tried roasting it? Seriously yummm.

    And I always thought psych was hard, so i think you should, ahem, celebrate this small victory. A B is good! Okay? Okay :)

  2. Asparagus is awesome. I usually toss it with a little olive oil and some seasoning and spread it on a cookie sheet and bake for like 10 minutes. Sometimes, I'll throw mushrooms on the cookie sheet, too. It's delicious!

    Oh the 70s and the avocado green, orange etc. My parents' kitchen had these colors. You've managed to bring back memories:)

    Keep studying and you'll do just fine.

    And I loooved the video and the dude's passion. Very cool.

    Hang in there, kiddo. You'll do just fine.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the vlog, per usual! That guy is good. I had asparagus over the weekend. Grilled. Yummy.

    And, you have a lot going on in your life--if you were doing psych, psych, and nothing but psych, I would say that okay, maybe you could expect an A from yourself, but seriously. :) I'm glad classes are going well (which is what I got from your post).

  4. Hello Jonathon. At least you eat your broccoli. I mean asparagus.

  5. I have asparagus growing in my front yard.
    Hank is so good.
    Sorry about psych and carpel tunnel. Sounds like you are working hard.

  6. Oh God, you're a Type A! Asparagus is really good if you wrap it in phyllo dough, sprinkle with parm cheese and bake it.

  7. I love asparagus too! Good luck on your classes, Jon. Stay on that home row! Great video too.

  8. Are you surprised that I am not a fan of asparagus? :)
    Though we did serve Chicken Oscar at our wedding (chicken with crab and asparagus on top).
    Don't sweat the B. B's are good, just work a little harder if you want that A!
    Look online to see if any hand exercises to help you out. Keyboarding will make your writing way more efficient!!

  9. I have no right to be, but I am so proud of you!

    And those colors? They're making a comeback.