Jun 17, 2010

If You Buy My Books: A List of Things I'll Do With My Celebrity Or a Premature Sales Ploy

(Not in any particular order, except #1 and #5.)

1. Make a nice donation to iTunes
2. Holiday in France, Tahiti, and Detoit.
3. Buy a house down the road from JK Rowling, just so I can say we're neighbors.
4. Buy five lifetime supplies of Reese's PB cups.
5. Provide income for a personal trainer.
6. Buy a Swiss Army Knife that could fly a plane if it needed to.
7. Ask the Gorillaz to write a song about one of my books and pull the Blur-love card if needed.
8. By hundreds of copies of my BFF's books and probably read each copy.
9. Get involved in European politics.
10. Meet Snoop Dog.

This is my second post for the day. The previous one has depth.


  1. I'll buy your book if you buy mine (or you can at least check it out from the library).

  2. I love Itunes. And Reese's pb cups.
    So I will buy your books. Fo sho.

  3. All sounds good -except I have to ask WHY DETROIT? I'm from the area... and although I would visit family, it wouldn't make my top vacation destination.

  4. #3 is my favorite =D

    I was just going to ask the same thing Lisa did. Why in the world would you want to vacation in Detroit of all places?

  5. I wasn't nearly as ambitious. Great list, and you show love to your peeps.

  6. I want Nightwish to write a song about me. And I will most certainly be providing income for a personal trainer. Perhaps also a yoga instructor.

    I may also decide to make a large donation to cat shelters everywhere, since I won't be able to buy a house big enough to adopt all the kitties and become the mother of all crazy cat ladies, as I'd have to buy the entire US to do it justice.

  7. Hahah..great list. I love #3, 4, & 8 :)

  8. You had me at PB cups. Let's make you rich and famous.