Oct 26, 2010

The Candle and the Pumpkin (A Very Halloweeny Blogfest)

I am taking part in a blogfest for the first time. Generally, I am a scaredy-cat with such things*, but I decided to rise to the challenge and join my friend Mia Hayson's Halloween Blogfest. Read my brief entry and head on over to her blog for her Vampiriffic tale and a listing of the other participants. Also, I have one more blogpost before NaNo officially begins. Check out Tina's blog for an awesome invitation.

* Which is because I am a procrastinator and wait until the last minute to do things, this not being an exception. *tsk tsk*

the candle: You’re smothering me!

the pumpkin: I’m sorry, but you’re drying out my skin.

the candle: Let me see if I can dim my flame.

the pumpkin: Yes, that may help.

the candle: I that any better?

the pumpkin: Not really. Would a little air help?

the candle: We can try it.

the pumpkin: I’ll lift my lid a little.

the candle: I can feel a difference already.

the pumpkin: So can I! Let’s try a little more air.

the candle: Oh no! Not that much, it’ll blow me out!

the pumpkin: I’m sorry, but the relief is too great.

the candle: No! Please, put your lid back!

the pumpkin: Why should I? If you go out, then I have nothing to worry about.

the candle: Oh please, I’ll be as dim as possible.

the pumpkin: Alright, fine.

the candle: Thank you so much!

the pumpkin: Hey, your flame is bigger than ever.

the candle: I know, I cannot be extinguished!

the pumpkin: Oo-oo-oo, ow, hey!

the candle: Muahahaha!!!

the pumpkin: You’re smoldering meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


  1. With all the bickering, I'll bet those two are an old married couple ! :) Cute!


  3. haha, Jon, you're so cute! And awesome with dialogue! You should write plays!!! I used to write children's plays.... VERY fun!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!! It's always the evil candle, isn't it? The pumpkins never stand a chance! LOL. :-)

  5. Hahahaha! Awesome! very cute, and very fun to read for Halloween. :)

  6. Flame - eternal.
    Pumpkin - fertilizer.

  7. *sniggers*

    hehehe GREAT halloween story! Modern take on the frog and the scorpion, huh? LOL

  8. Ha! I should have seen that coming. Nicely done, J. Awesome. Never let anyone extinguish--or even dim your flame. Burn baby, burn!!!!

  9. I agree about the dialogue. And I love that graphic! Thanks for the shout!

  10. I think my jack-o-lanterns wish they were on fire. It's a slow, black, moldy death. :)

  11. I love you, Jon! nukennoggenpookenpogan