Oct 14, 2010

Hello NaNo Plan-o


I am doing it. Add me as a buddy!!

Yes, NaNo.


I need infrastructure. Ooo, I love that word.

Goals for October:
1. Develop the two main characters, Violet and Cain (siblings), and a few secondary characters (friends, sidekicks, early enemies).
2. Think about that thing called plot. (What will happen to my two sibs? FYI, there's a major twist)
3. Evaluate the number of hours I spend on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail chat, and...wherever else. Recycle 90% of that time for writing.
(Tina posted about these links too. Read her insights here.)

Goals for November:
1. Write a book, 50-thou-holy-cow
2. Validate those 50 thou and receive 50% off the upcoming Windows version of Scriveners!! (Yes, all you mac users are snickering. Good for you.)

So, there you have it. Rails and roads are being laid and the power company is about to give the go ahead. My light-bulb is already burning bright, thanks to the generator.

NaNoWriMo is not my bitch. NaNo is my friend. NaNo is my partner in crime, my sidekick, my everything.
Thanks Paul and Tina for the great ideas!

You had me at hello, NaNo.

November will be my bitch.


  1. You can do it! I'll be cheering for you.

  2. Good luck with Nano! I'm not a nano person myself but I'll still be writing!

  3. You always crack me up, Jon! You're more ambitious than I am - I'm going to commit to 25,000 words, which I thought was radical for a PB chapter book writer! 50,000 is far too daunting to me. :-)

  4. Good luck with Nano! I'm not sure if I'm going to try it this year. 50,000 words in one month is intimidating to me.

  5. Yep, infrastructure is a good word! November is gonna be fun, and hard. But more fun.

  6. Anne - Thanks for the encouragement!!

    Laura - Good luck with whatever goals you have set for yourself.

    Shannon - I know what you mean, but taking the emphasis off the goal of writing 50,000 words and instead putting it on dredging up your creative conscience is what lead me to joining the NaNo site.

    Melissa - Same thing as I said for Shannon, just write for the sake of writing without editing and see what happens. Let go of the expectations and write.

    Tina - Hard and fun, November is sure to be, but I think two years from now I'll look back on November 2010 and think of it as the catalyst of my successful writing career.

  7. Good luck... lots of hard graft involved by the sounds of it!!

  8. Are you serious about that Scrivner thing??
    Now I might have to enlist. I've never done a NaNo before. i was hoping I'd have my WIP draft done before that. Maybe I should stall :)

  9. I've done Nano twice, and it's been an exhilarating ride both times. One of those manuscripts has evolved into something that I'm even shopping with agents. It CAN be done- just write until your fingers bleed- and then write some more. :) Don't stop and don't look back until Dec. 1st, and you'll be just fine. Good luck!

  10. Woo-hoo! As my 2 year old niece says, YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT! Okay, it definitely sounds cuter in her chopped, enthusiastic little voice. I'm pumped!!

  11. YAY, fun!! I'm with Heather's 2 year old niece - YOU CAN DO IT! YOU CAN DO IT!

  12. HA! I want November to be MY bitch! Let's have our way with it, together.

  13. Kelly Breakey sent me your way. (Okay, she dangled the possibility of chocolate in front of me. Who can resist that?) Best of luck with Nano!

  14. Suzy - Thanks for the good luck!

    Lily - I know! I totally want that discount.

    Christy - Thank you for the words of wisdom!

    H - Yes I can!!

    M - So can you!!

    Candace - There ya go, nano is totally about support. Thanks for yours!

    Linda - That Kelly, she's awesome! Thanks for the follow!

  15. So now you ARE doing it. Goodness, guy. It's hard to keep up with you. Hold on a sec while I wrap my brain around this.

    Okay then.

    Yay! I'm so happy you're doing NaNo! You're going to rock it, J! I can't wait to see your progress!!

  16. You had me at Yo. Nano.

    I'm IN baby! (And I've friended! Woot!)